Friday, April 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 9)


Linking up with Grace again this week while Jen is recuperating and enjoying her new baby. :) Head over to Camp Patton for more Friday Quick Takes!

--- 1 ---
I need some help from someone who knows a lot about technology (vague, I know). Basically I deleted the default "About Me" section on Blogger a couple of weeks ago in order to insert my new intro picture and "about me" that I created. So far, so good. The only issue I've noticed is that when I participate in link-ups now it no longer finds and offers my Blogger profile picture as an option to show with my name. Why? More importantly: how do I fix this? It's definitely not the end of the world, but if I could actually select a picture of myself to show on link-ups rather than any random photos I might have inserted into that blog entry, that would be preferable.

--- 2 ---
My little sister is officially attending grad school at Franciscan University of Steubenville! This was her number one choice for grad school so I'm very happy that she was accepted and now knows everything she needed to know about scholarships and whatnot to convince her to attend. Now here's a picture of my sisters (best friends) and me at my Bachelorette Party dinner back in September (just because I love them):

Older sister, younger sister, and me <3
--- 3 ---
This week we made a very important discovery: we finally got a contact for the super secret society unofficial newlyweds group at our parish! This is huge. We've been trying to hunt these people down for the past 6.5 months or so and (thanks be to God) we finally succeeded! Now we'll be informed about group get-togethers, Michael can start joining the guys at their monthly "pub nights" (who knew they did this?! We didn't), I can join the ladies' book club (also exciting to discover), and we can finally meet some other young married couples at our church! And guess what book the women are just starting to read??? Hallie Lord's new book - Style, Sex, and Substance: 10 Catholic Women Consider the Things that Really Matter. I'm pumped. :D

--- 4 ---
Second important discovery of the week: Nordstrom Rack has great deals (mainly for the men, but what else is new?). Okay, so I had heard of Nordstrom Rack before and I understood that it carried Nordstrom items at discounted prices, but neither Michael nor I had ever been to one. I mean let's be honest - I never even shop at normal Nordstrom stores...but Michael sometimes does so he was pumped (he's been waiting for over a month) to scope out the new Ann Arbor location which just had its grand opening yesterday. Our gameplan was to go and "just browse" but we wound up back at home with (for him) 2 new dress shirts, 6 pairs of socks, 2 ties, and (for me) a pair of sunglasses and earrings. And we saved more than $250 (and spent wayyy less than that). 

But seriously. Sixty dollar Calvin Klein ties for $14.97? That's what we call a "steal."

--- 5 ---
In a couple of my other quick takes I've hinted that, for a "food town," Ann Arbor hasn't exactly wowed us with their I felt the need to say a few nice things about some places I've failed to mention. As far as breakfast places go, Ann Arbor has some amazing ones - namely Afternoon Delight and Angelo's. Both delicious. For some pretty good Middle Eastern Cuisine: Jerusalem Garden is our top pick. For Chinese (especially authentic Taiwanese): Asian Legend and TK WU take the cake (really, my husband would know). And while you all know we love ourselves some Bagger Dave's (a small Michigan chain), one of the best burgers in town can definitely be found at Great Plains Burger Co.

Because we spent so much time at Nordstrom Rack last night we wound up eating out and headed to Great Plains Burger Co. for the 3rd time in the past 6.5 months because it is seriously good. And we were both insanely hungry so basically it was the most delicious meal I've eaten all week. 

And no, we don't eat out all the time. I promise. This list is a compilation of knowledge since we got married and I've been here and the entire year he was here before me. If you're ever in the area: enjoy!

--- 6 ---
Week 23 of my pregnancy and my feet are definitely swollen. I started noticing it in my fingers a few weeks ago so I make sure to take off my rings each night in order to monitor whether or not I can keep wearing them. But yesterday Michael and I agreed that my feet are now seriously swelling - no question. The weird thing is that instead of appearing to be wider, they have filled out and basically gotten thicker (from the top of my foot to the sole). Is this normal? Whatever the case may be, I'm grateful that it will (maybe) be nice weather soon and I'll be able to start wearing sandals. I couldn't imagine having to buy new boots and winter shoes in bigger sizes. Sandals are so much cheaper. What a blessing!

--- 7 ---
Ann Arbor has a Hands On Museum for kids that Michael and I have been dying to explore. This weekend we're finally doing it and we don't have to look like silly adults without any children - because our friends are going to visit for the day with their son who is a year and half! So so excited to see them and have an excuse to play at this fun museum!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

P.S. We all know what took place in Boston this week, so let's send up some extra prayers. Last night an MIT police officer was also shot and killed on MIT's campus...which is where my sister, brother-in-law, and nieces live. My family is safe, but let's also pray for the people of the MIT community. Personally I thank the Lord for all of the human kindness and good that has been done this week amidst all of this evil...and I'm thankful for my family's safety. Let us also give thanks for all of the people who have been working overtime (police officers, health care workers, priests, etc.) to help those in need during this time of tragedy and mourning.


  1. I've read that book! Hallie Lord used to live in Cinci and I've met the girl who wrote the chapter on single life (she's now engaged haha)

  2. I have read Hallie's book and it was great! SO happy you and Michael have found a newlywed group at your parish, that's awesome!

    I have heard a lot about Nordstrom Rack...where in Ann Arbor is it??? Sounds like a high class version of TJ Maxx!!

    1. Nordstrom Rack basically is a high class version of TJ Maxx, haha. It's located in a plaza off of Washtenaw Ave. really close to MI-23. It's right by Old Navy and just down the way from where they have Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Michael's, Marshall's, and Toys R Us. :) I think that entire plaza is officially called "Arborland Shopping Center."