Monday, April 29, 2013

An Ordinary Day Overflowing with Extraordinary Goodness


I believe there is beauty to be found in every single day...although sometimes God gifts us with a day that simply overflows with goodness, making its beauty radiate brighter than any other in recent memory. This past Saturday was one of those days for Michael and me.

The best part about all of this is that the day was by no means filled with extraordinary events or circumstances. The beauty and goodness came from the simplest and smallest of details - sleeping in (waking up next to my husband is still exciting 7 months into our marriage), taking our time getting ready, relaxing, a rare April day of sunshine (and zero rain!), warm weather, good food, running leisurely errands, watching a movie and some TV, and - of course - doing all of these things with one another.

What a stud. And what delicious root beer.
We wound up having the entire day free to do whatever we wished. We spent some time being productive (i.e. preparing our online baby registry) and then I suggested that we have a picnic. We had been searching for something to do outdoors other than walking on trails (since we've done a lot of that lately), but my pregnancy tends to limit our outdoor adventure options. A picnic basking in the warm sunshine seemed like the perfect way to enjoy a leisurely day, the beautiful weather, time together, and a completely safe pregnancy activity: eating! 

We packed some things we would need for the picnic and headed out in search of other great picnic foods at the grocery store. We spent far more time than necessary going up and down the aisles, picking out just the right foods and drinks to complete our meal. We also spent far more money than we normally would on a single meal, but this day had turned into what I consider a "date day," therefore making it a special occasion to enjoy and celebrate with my husband.

After we had everything we needed we drove in the general direction of the University of Michigan Arboretum before deciding to scope out a different park location for our late lunch. We ended up parking at our church and heading down the hill to a quaint spot near the river that we had explored when I came to visit during Holy Week 2012.

Probably the last photo of me wearing
wedding rings on my finger for awhile
Long story short, we ate a lot of amazing food together and enjoyed the serene location as we soaked in some much-welcomed Vitamin D. And of course, I took pictures. We failed to take a "24-week" photo last week, so these picnic pictures taken as we hovered in between weeks 24 and 25 will have to do.

Other than our spontaneous picnic, nothing we did that day was out of the ordinary. We went to the AT&T store to play with the new Samsung Galaxy S4 (we're looking into a new phone plan and new phones soon), we headed to the mall in search of a sterling silver chain to put my wedding rings on now that my fingers are uncomfortably swelling, and we spent the evening relaxing with a movie and some TV. This is hardly the stuff of legend...but everything about that day makes me smile. We were blessed with quality, uninterrupted time with one another and we basked in the glory of God as He met us in the sunshine, the quiet moments, and even the errands that so often make us lose sight of Him.

As we happily approach our baby boy's due date I cherish the days like this past Saturday. I am eager to meet this little baby that we already love so much, but I know that it will only become more difficult to find such peaceful, uninterrupted time alone with my husband once he arrives. So while I thank the Lord for the gift of this child, I simultaneously thank Him for days like this past Saturday - when Michael and I get to savor this time to just be husband and wife before we take on our new, exciting roles as parents.

P.S. Today marks exactly 7 months of our marriage! On this day one year ago we were traipsing about the city of Chicago in the rain as we took our engagement photos. God is good!

"Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do...but how much love we put in that action."
-Blessed Mother Teresa


  1. Continued blessings, and may God grant you many many more days like this :) Thank you for your witness and for sharing these little moments.

    1. Thank you for always being so encouraging! :)

  2. Happy 7 month anniversary! You look beautiful, Steph, and I love that you guys got to enjoy such a joyfully simple day!

  3. Those perfect, ordinary days are absolutely the best. What a beautiful growing family you have! I'm so glad you commented so I could discover your darling blog. :)

    1. They are the best, aren't they? :) Thanks so much for reading! I just recently began following your blog and have been enjoying reading about your journey!