Friday, May 24, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 14)


Linking up with Jen again!

This week's entry will probably speak to anyone who is Catholic and/or curious about Catholic teachings. I promise that if you hold out until the end there will be some quick takes that have nothing to do with the Church or current events - or if it's been a long week and you want to read something less intellectual you can just skip ahead to #6. :)

--- 1 ---
You know who I think is a fabulous leader? Francis Cardinal George, OMI of the Chicago diocese. Check out this beautiful statement he released regarding the verdict in the Kermit Gosnell murder trial:
"I am grateful that the jury in the Kermit Gosnell murder trial recognized the value and dignity of children born alive after an attempted abortion. I hope that the scrutiny this trial has received will bring a greater public recognition of the extremity of America's abortion laws and a more stringent regulation of the abortion industry. I ask people of good will to join me in praying for the day where every child, born and unborn, will be respected in life and fully protected by law and, in a particular way, I reiterate the promise made by the Catholic Church and the pro-life community that any woman who feels she has no "choice" but to end the life of her unborn child can come to us for assistance and support." -Francis Cardinal George, OMI

--- 2 ---
Keeping up with the Catholic theme for a moment, let's take a moment to talk about the Huffington Post and how they just love to report on the Catholic faith even though they clearly have no idea what they're talking about. One of the most amusing things I saw on Facebook this week was a friend's status that read:
"Stop the presses! The Holy Father affirmed another Biblical belief maintained by the Church for 2000 years and found in the Catechism! This just in!
Speculating about the number of people who may get their news about the Church from Huffington Post is unsettling."
That deserves another Amen! And in case you have no idea what this friend is referring to, Brandon Vogt's explanation of the difference between redemption and salvation should greatly help to clarify the assertions made by a recent Huffington Post article about Catholic teachings. If you haven't read it, please do (especially if you're Catholic!)...because it's important to understand that:
"...Christ's redemptive sacrifice on the Cross is not the same thing as salvation. Salvation is the result of accepting Christ's redemption and applying it to our lives. Catholics know that Christ died for our sins but that we must receive that free gift by trusting in him, accepting his proposal of love, and following him with our life.
So while it's true that Christ redeemed all people, even atheists, that doesn't mean all atheists have accepted this gift or will be saved." -Brandon Vogt
--- 3 ---
Since I'm on a roll here with quotes and articles that riled me up, amused me, or inspired me this week, I'd also like to share Bad Catholic's response to Fr. Gary M. Meier's declaration about being openly gay upon the release of his book, "Hidden Voices, Reflections of a Gay, Catholic Priest." Don't have time to read the entire piece? Here are my favorite 2 paragraphs from his response piece...which pretty much sum up the Catholic Church's teachings and how I feel about all this:
"If they are being give this message, it is not by the Church. The message the Church has been consistently giving to LGBTQ youth is the same message she gives to heterosexual youth — you are not your genitals. Stop introducing yourself with your penises. 
We take offense at the Church when she says that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered,” (CCC 2357) but only because we put her words through the mind-numbing blender of reductionist thought which defines people as being their sexuality, as being heterosexual, being homosexual, being a lesbian, being pansexual, etc. The LGBTQ movement is so concerned with developing and refining their plethora of scientific labels by which to reduce human beings to a word describing their genital behavior that they — and the culture they own — have forgotten a very simple fact. You are not what gives you a boner." -Marc Barnes, author of Bad Catholic
Can I get another Amen?!

--- 4 ---
Still with me? Great. At this point I'd like to share this clip of Ryan Anderson on CNN's Piers Morgan. The reason I'd like to share this particular clip is because I truly respect and admire Mr. Anderson for how calmly, clearly, and respectfully he explains his position while being attacked by a room full of people and a heavily biased interviewer (Piers Morgan - who surprisingly self identifies as a Catholic). Who is Ryan Anderson, you ask? Well he is none other than one of the 3 authors of the book What is Marriage?, which explains, defines, and defends traditional marriage (p.s. if anyone wants to buy it for me, I'd love to read it).

But seriously. Even my friends who are "in favor of same-sex marriage" should be able to watch this clip and recognize the logic, reason, and class this man delivers...especially from 5:00-6:40 when he is told by Suze Orman that he is uneducated for having the position he does. Check it out:

What is extraordinary to me is that Piers Morgan tells Ryan (at about 3:30) that his traditional view of marriage is "extraordinary"...when Ryan's position is the same one societies across the globe have defined for nearly 2000 years.

--- 5 ---
Okay, one more before we move on to less polarizing topics of discussion. I mentioned that Piers Morgan is a self-identified Catholic. Why did I express surprise at this? Because an atheist can better comprehend, explain, and defend the Catholic Church's teachings in regards to the Pope and his role as a conduit to God - and why this means Catholics who criticize or "argue" with the Pope's infallible teachings clearly don't understand the beauty or theology of their own Church which was founded by Jesus Christ himself (skip to 1:57 if you don't have time to watch the entire clip):

Enough said.

--- 6 ---
Cookies! Yum.
On a less serious note, have any of you heard of lactation cookies before?! Thanks to Jenna over at Call Her Happy I now know that such things exist (to help increase a mother's milk supply - something I'd imagine makes life easier for the baby and mom). I'm tempted to purchase some of these cookies from her doula's Etsy shop when we get closer to the baby's due date. Of course if anyone in my life is out there reading this you can always feel free to send some as a gift...and know that I will graciously accept and be thrilled! ;)

--- 7 ---
On the fitness front, let's talk about the elliptical. As someone who studied kinesiology in college I obviously understand the point of an elliptical (and which populations might benefit from them more) and had a few clients that loved doing their cardio on them...but personally, I couldn't stand them. This is probably because I ran and compared to running the elliptical felt easy and weird. But now that I'm 28 weeks pregnant that has all changed! I stopped running a long time ago because it felt very uncomfortable and I began speed walking for my cardio instead. However, the bigger my belly gets the slower I have to walk if I want to keep it up for any length of time...which has made me feel like I never get my heart rate high enough to get a good cardio workout anymore. 

Cue the elliptical! A couple weeks ago I took a long walk around our apartment complex and ended in the small fitness room which only has one treadmill - which was not working. I improvised and hopped on the elliptical instead and it kicked my butt...and felt amazing! Ever since then I've been making it a point to use the ellipticals at our gym or at home in our apartment's small fitness room and I feel so much healthier. I never thought I'd say it, but currently I love the elliptical!!!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, friends!


  1. Intervals are fun on the elliptical, more so for me than a treadmill, but that might be my dislike of running talking =) I was really impressed by this article by Robert George about the Gosnell case; he argues that the death penalty, which thankfully wasn't given, would absolutely be the wrong response, in light of human dignity:

    Have a good weekend, Steph!

    1. Yes, yes, yes! I read that article, too, and agree. :)

  2. Thank you for the shout out! You will love the cookies :) I already make plenty of milk for my little guy, but more milk is fine by me. I can donate it!

    1. No problem! I'm curious to learn how all of that works with my body and our baby boy when the time comes - but it is great to know things like those cookies exist just in case!

  3. That video of Penn and Piers is hilarious! It's like Piers doesn't even hear himself making all these Lutheran statements. If he really believes all that then he needs to switch churches. Nobody in the Catholic Church has ever said or implied that Jesus said everything that we needed to know--that's the the whole idea of the Catholic Church--it exists to fill in the gaps so to speak. Much respect to Penn for having thorough knowledge.

    1. Oh my goodness, I know! I wish I could just hit a "like" button on everything you said as if this were FB, haha...even though I can't stand Facebook.

  4. That video is great... Ryan holds his own very well, even when Piers just talks over him and barely let's him get a word in (ya know, b/c they don't see eye-to-eye. Suze had no problem talking!). Piers should just stop calling himself Catholic. Stop. It's so frustrating to me to blatantly disagree with Church teaching and STILL identify with it. Why? What is the point? There is a HUGE difference with struggling with a particular teaching vs not agreeing with it and wanting it to change.

    Anyway... glad you found an exercise routine that works for you! :) Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. AMEN! Amen amen amen!

      And thank you! :) It feels great to finally be back in a routine that I know is keeping me healthier.

  5. I got into a debate via facebook with a Protestant friend who freaked the freak out by the Huffington post article...goes to show ya not to trust certain media sources who have NO idea what they are talking about

    1. Seriously - I wish more people would wake up and realize that most mainstream media sources have NO IDEA what they're talking about when they report on the Catholic Church. Have a great weekend, Patty! :)