Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day: A Love Note (with Photos!) for My Mom


Happy Mother's Day! I know several holidays have been crafted and promoted as "Hallmark" holidays, but if it means taking the time to actually tell my mom how much I love her like I should every day then I'm all for it! After all, the role of a mother is one that's easily under-appreciated because (in my experience) our moms do so much for us behind the scenes. My mom is amazing and if yours is too, you're blessed! 

When I look back on my childhood I can see how greatly my mom has always managed to influence me - not because she forced her opinions or tastes on me but because I love her, respect her, and learned to appreciate the things she does because...she does. My mom is a very intelligent, well-read, generous, loving woman of God. In a lot of ways my mom embodies the spirit of the ultimate mother; her heart is so big and she loves children so much that she has always managed to "adopt" several of our friends (and sometimes strangers) into our family. To this day she still refers to my best friends (and my sisters' best friends) as her other daughters and she manages to remind them of this every time she sees them. 

My mom considers any child who needs and deserves the love of a mother (which is every child in the world) to be her own which is something rare and beautiful to behold. So not only is my mom always there for me, but she serves as a spiritual mother to many. I think this has a lot to do with why she is a great high school teacher - because students seek her out when they need support and she always goes above and beyond to provide it. Now that her three daughters are fully grown and out of college, my mom continues to pour her heart out for us, her grandchildren, and has even taken on the role of a "prayer warrior" for the orphan children of Reece's Rainbow in the last couple of years. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is: Mom, I love you! Thank you for all that you do for me, our family, and the entire world. I love you more than is possible to express fully in words. So to help with this, here are a few pictures to (hopefully) make you smile. I hope you enjoy these photos of your 3 little girls as well as the evidence that you've always been there cheering me on well into my adult life.


For any of you that can't tell:
I'm the middle child in the pretty pink dress

My little sister loooved the camera when she was little - not.
She more than makes up for it nowadays, though. :)

Chillin' at the bus stop, I think. And yes, I'm rockin' the
"mom jeans" look.

At this point (because I don't have digital copies of my entire childhood) I'll skip ahead to my college years. Here you'll be able to see how my mom has always been there supporting me in all that I do. :)

My freshman year in college

Mom with her 3 daughters

I couldn't find more pictures on my computer of me with my mom that year,
so here's one for my mom to enjoy!

My sophomore year in college

My 20th birthday

My mom cheering me on at a competition my college dance team competed at

Cheering my team and me on at my college's intense running relay, the Little 50
(50 laps of quarter mile relay sprints...aka each person sprints 3 miles, one quarter of a mile at a time)

My junior year in college

Helping me move into the residence hall where I worked as an RA

With my little sister and me at my cousin's wedding reception

Cheering me on for the second year in a row when I ran in IU's Little 50

My senior year in college

Ringing in the New Year

Celebrating Easter Sunday afternoon with family friends

Helping my mom teach (and be the "snake handler") on the day
my mom brings in our family snakes to show her bio classes

My fifth year in college

Visiting my mom in her classroom and wearing that hoop nose ring she hated
(Sorry, Mom)

I know, it's a blurry mess - but it's evidence that my mom came to cheer me on
every single year I ran the Little 50 race!

After my college commencement ceremony

Beyond college

Can you tell that we're related???

Supporting me on my wedding day

Three generations

Walking me down the aisle (which clearly shows how much she's been a
part of my life - because I wanted my dad and her to walk me together)

Passing of the peace

She is so happy for us!

Once again - Happy Mother's Day to my mom and all the other wonderful mothers out there! You're all in my prayers...especially those of you that I know are also expecting your first child. :) May you enjoy this day and celebrate the beauty that it is to sacrifice so much of yourself for the good of another. God bless!

"Motherhood is not a hobby, it is a calling. It is not something to do if you can squeeze the time in.  It is what God gave you time for."
-Neil L. Anderson

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  1. Oh my darling daughter - I love you so VERY much! to the moon and back!