Thursday, June 13, 2013

Doctor in the House!


Last weekend Michael and I headed to Ohio to witness and participate in some of his family members' milestone celebrations. On Friday, June 7, we drove down the road to Toledo for my sister-in-law's graduation from medical school.

We sat near the end of an aisle in case I had to make a brief exit, but by the grace of God I experienced a 30-weeks-pregnant-miracle and didn't have to use the restroom once during the three-hour commencement ceremony. This made me happy because I had never attended any graduate school commencement exercises (I was unable to be on the east coast when my sister received her Masters in Theological Studies from Harvard), let alone a doctoral hooding ceremony.

It was plain to see that the MD profession is largely a family tradition and it was awesome to watch so many of my sister-in-law's classmates get hooded by their father, mother, mother and father, spouse, brother or sister (or both), or in one endearing case: grandfather and father. At one point the lady sitting to my left asked who we were there for and whether or not she is the first doctor in our family; as I thought of my response I quickly realized that my sister-in-law is, in fact, the very first doctor in Michael's entire family. How awesome! She is so gifted and I know that she will be an incredibly successful neurologist.

My husband and his Doctor sister and some family
Sunday, June 9 (almost 31 weeks pregnant!)
After everyone finished taking a million photos we all headed to a buffet dinner to celebrate. Because Toledo is so close, Michael and I returned home to relax that evening before heading out on Saturday to meet back up with everyone in the Cleveland area. We spent Saturday afternoon and evening celebrating Michael's cousin (pictured above on the far right) as we enjoyed her high school graduation party. This allowed us to spend some rare quality time with Michael's sister, one of his other cousins, and various family members.

Before we knew it the weekend was nearly over. On Sunday we managed to take some more family photos and get lunch with Michael's family before driving back to Michigan and heading to an evening Mass. Although it seemed to fly by, the weekend celebrating and eating good food with my in-laws was both fun and laid-back. And now we can officially say that there is a doctor in the house!

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose."
-Dr. Seuss

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