Friday, July 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 20)


--- 1 ---
Do any of you have a smart phone for sale? Or know anyone getting rid of a smart phone? Last night Michael and I (finally!) managed to jump off our parents' family plans and get a new plan together. The process had gotten more than a little drawn out and complicated because my sister-in-law used Michael's upgrade when her phone got stolen on her trip to Europe a few months ago - locking Michael into their plan for another 2 years. However, after a lot of research and figuring out what we could do things were looking good - really good! We managed to keep Michael's phone number (I had to get a new one), get a new plan, and get him a new Samsung Galaxy S4 for practically nothing after trading in my 3-year-old Blackberry (color me surprised because who knew that phone was still worth a decent amount of money?). The game plan was for me to take Michael's 3-year-old iPhone until we could ride out the remaining 22 months he was locked in and then get me a new phone.

Sounds awesome, right? It was...until Michael's iPhone was getting prepped to receive all my contacts and it DIED. Out of nowhere. We tried to take it home and connect it to iTunes in hopes it would somehow resurrect itself, but no such luck. The AT&T employee said he had never seen this happen...ever. Long story short, I have an awesome $15 go phone until we can find me a new (or used!) smart phone. So do you have one??? :)

--- 2 ---
Sometimes it can feel like the world is turning into a place overrun with selfish people. Then stories like this get circulated and I'm reminded that there are so many good, pro-life people out there! I'm sure many of you have already heard about the priest who helped save a Down Syndrome baby from abortion by utilizing social media to find adoptive parents (if not, see the link above); it blows my mind (and warms my heart!) how many people responded to his plea...and what blows my mind further is that I received word about this via email as it was unraveling. I certainly don't know the couple involved at all, but I received a forwarded email from a friend who had received a forwarded email and I passed it on, etc. Thank you, internet, for being utilized for something GOOD! So refreshing.

--- 3 ---

Discovering this song by Diamond Rio also rekindled my faith in the people of our nation a little bit. It helped remind me that even though it sometimes feels like our blessed nation is being overrun by people who want us to turn our backs on God, there are still plenty of believers willing to take a stand and fight for religious liberty! +St. Thomas More, pray for us.+

--- 4 ---
While I'm at it, I might as well share why 6/26/13 was so hard.  I think Lauren does a beautiful job explaining all of this, so please take a few minutes to read her heartfelt piece that is simply radiating the love of Christ. I read it and simply wanted to say "Amen! Amen! Amen!"

--- 5 ---
Need something to make you smile? No problem. This is why I follow an entire Pinterest board of adorable Asian (and half-Asian!) babies:

Asian baby in a panda hat <3

--- 6 ---
Go ahead. Smile some more:

Asian babies dressed like monks <3

--- 7 ---
And one more time:

Asian baby hipster <3

Have a blessed weekend, friends! And make sure you head over to Jen's for more quick takes!


  1. My iPhone(4) did the same thing after I first bought it!! We took it to the AT&T store, and they said the same thing, "blah blah blah we've never seen this happen...essentially there's nothing we can do." Grrr. Miraculously, my phone started working again the next day. I seriously have no idea why or how. It's a bit fuzzy around the edges, but the screen is perfectly clear otherwise. I'm due for an upgrade on July 29, so if you still haven't found a phone by then, you're welcome to my old one!

    1. Thanks so much for the offer! If I don't have anything by then I'll let you know - although I'm currently pursuing a couple other prospects. I kept hoping Michael's would somehow revive itself but so far no such luck! Your story gives me hope that it could still happen, though!

  2. Oh my goodness you are too cute, as are those babies! You better blow the WWW up with pictures of your little one as soon as they arrive! :) And of course, purchase that panda hat.

    1. Haha, thanks! I have no doubts I will find something similar to that panda hat for him to wear at some point.... :D

  3. Oh my gosh I love those pics of the little Asian girl' sure to share pictures when your little prince arrives! :)