Monday, July 1, 2013

Selecting Bridesmaids, Part 1


Me with my 9 bridesmaids and sweet flower girl. Brian Powell Photography.
When it comes to wedding planning, there are a few "big" decisions everyone makes before you get to go crazy with the smaller details. In my experience the man, the church, the date, reception venue, and the dress are all pretty important, big decisions...but there is another still that will greatly impact your wedding day experiences - and that is the wedding party.

Unless you've decided on a destination wedding and/or a very small guest list, the wedding party is typically something a bride and groom will spend a decent amount of time making a decision about. So how do you make such a big decision? Like anything else, you start with one thing at a time. Here are a few guidelines and tips I've prepared based on my own experiences having nine - yes, nine! - bridesmaids (and the 20/20 hindsight I acquired after the fact) in hopes that it may help some future brides out there.

Want to read the rest of what I had to say? Head on over to Stephanie C.'s blog, Captive the Heart, for the rest of this guest post I wrote for her. I first stumbled upon Steph's blog when I got engaged back in February 2012. Her blog is chalk full of wedding and marriage preparation tips, suggestions, and resources. Even though I am now married I still enjoy following all her clothing or decor inspirations, music suggestions, and her thoughtful reflections that any bride-to-be or newlywed bride may find themselves musing over. Although her blog is geared towards the Catholic bride, it is certainly not limited to Catholic brides only.
Part 2 will also be published on Stephanie's blog in the near future, so stay tuned! :)

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