Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Call Me, Maybe?


Originally I wrote a long piece all about being "busy" and what that means when you're single vs. being married and having a baby...because they are both legitimate ways of being busy in entirely different ways.

But then I finished writing and realized it was an unnecessarily lengthy, more eloquent way of saying "just because I had a baby recently doesn't mean I'm too busy to receive phone calls from people - but it does mean it's more difficult for me to call my please don't worry about me being "busy" and just call me if you want to talk...because honestly I'm craving some adult conversation." And I am certainly too busy to take the time to edit and re-read all of that when I could just keep it simple like this. So I'll keep it short and sweet:

The reality is that being a stay at home mom is insanely rewarding...but it can also be insanely lonely (and thanks to posts like this one from Jenny I know this is a common issue for other SAHMs). I mean, I absolutely adore Gabriel and spending all my waking hours with him but as a three week old baby he isn't exactly the best conversationalist yet. ;)

Do you think he has enough pandas to stare at?
A glimpse of what I'm busy doing these days :)
So to whichever of my real life friends actually read this blog: please don't worry about me being "too busy." I'd really like to stay connected and catch up with my friends...but my unpredictable schedule combined with sleep deprivation and postpartum hormones makes it more difficult for me to just pick up the phone and call. But oh, if you call me - that's so much easier! If I'm truly unavailable I won't answer. No harm no foul...although I guarantee your missed phone call will motivate me much sooner to spend a few minutes in between my day-long cycle of nursing, burping, changing, holding, and entertaining Gabriel to get in touch with you...because otherwise, who knows how long it will be before I feel like I'm in enough of a routine to start calling up all my friends to chat? It may never happen for all I know.

And to all of you whom I've never met in real life that read my blog: please rest assured that your kind words of encouragement, your prayers, and all of your wonderful blogs have certainly been a source of comfort and sanity for me these past few weeks. Please keep writing so I always have something to read when I'm spending hour after hour nursing. :)

"It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?"
-Henry David Thoreau


  1. I get this even not in the way it applies to your situation. I think sometimes we all don't want to bother people with phone calls, but most well-balanced people know how to just not answer the phone if it's too much (and caller-ID has made us able to make those choices more easily) so why not call? Good points :-)

    Sorry for not blogging much lately for you--if you read Friday's posts you know a bit about why that is :-)

  2. Love you Baby! Sure wish I was there to lend you a hand! <3

  3. Well, you know by our phone call last weekend that pretty much every new mom nowadays goes through the "omg-I-need-to-read-ALLTHEBLOGS-to-remember-what-its-like-to-speak-to-big-people"/Law & Order:SVU binge. It's super tough. And it's the reason I thought going back to Harvard was easier than staying home all the time. You are in my prayers and I publicly announce (just so I have to follow through!) that I will try to check in once a day. I love you and will call you LATER!