Sunday, August 4, 2013

Our Abode: Palm Beach County


While our previous apartment in Ann Arbor holds plenty of sentimental value (after all, it was the very first home Michael and I shared!), I'm confident when I say that neither of us will miss it very much. It was a beautiful apartment - don't get me wrong - but when you compare it to our new apartment in Florida it simply can't hold a candle to this place. In fact, as soon we got our things unpacked and marveled at how much improved the appliances and storage space were (things that were lacking in our first place) Michael told me not to get used to it - because the fact of the matter is that this place will be pretty difficult to top once we leave here.

Long story short, we're in love with our new apartment in Palm Beach County! Even though Ann Arbor is in the Midwest, the housing there simply doesn't have the Midwestern price-tag Michael and I so dearly love about my home-state of Indiana. However, that meant that when we moved here our money went much further and we were able to get an apartment that's about a bajillion times nicer, bigger, and has much more impressive amenities (I didn't even know valet trash was a thing - but with lots and lots of diapers in our near future I can't say I will ever complain!).

Anyway, I want to share this place with you all not to brag about how much this new apartment rocks my world (because it does - more than any apartment probably should), but rather to express how incredibly grateful and joyful I am that God has blessed us so generously in the housing department this time around!

The Entrance
Left: front door and foyer (which has a small coat closet you can't see), Right: view as you enter

Dining Room
Left: View of the dining room from the living room, Right: our desk and the kitchen entrance

Everything about this room leaves me speechless.

Laundry Room
Left: view of the laundry room from the kitchen, Right: heavenly appliances (yes, this room has a sliding door that shuts)

Living Room
This room is even larger than it looks - pinch me now. Our new glider would never have fit by the couch in Ann Arbor! Far Right: view of the hallway that leads to the guest bathroom, linen closet, and the baby's bedroom

Guest Bathroom and Linen Closet
Guest bathroom? Linen closet? These things didn't exist in our Ann Arbor apartment.

Baby's Bedroom
In the beginning we'll put his bassinet in our room anyway...but it's nice to have the option to move him out! Plus,
this room has a walk-in closet that we can use to store winter gear and things we don't need in sunny Florida.

Master Bedroom
These photos really don't do our room any justice...but yes, that IS a walk-in closet that's larger than all the storage space we had combined in Ann Arbor.

Master Bathroom
With a 39-weeks pregnant belly I'm so grateful to have a counter that's double the length of our previous one -
because Michael and I can comfortably stand side by side and brush our teeth which seems a small miracle!

Hopefully none of you now hate me for highlighting how wonderful this new place is. Honestly I'm still in shock at how much space we seem to have and hope that I never ever take this for granted. We are blessed beyond measure and I pray that we may always recognize this and appreciate the luxuries so many of us live with in this first-world nation.

"There must be a reason why some people can afford to live well. They must have worked for it. I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things that we could use."
-Blessed Mother Teresa


  1. Wow, your new home looks like a definite improvement in terms of space...I am seriously in awe how you moved everything being so close to delivery day, you're a rock star in my eyes lady! :)

    1. Thank you! God has been SO GOOD to us by blessing us with the time to get settled and get our heads on straight before this baby comes. Now that we've got virtually everything crossed off our "to do" list I have a feeling he will be coming very very soon! :)

  2. What a beautiful home! I'm sure it will be wonderful to have all that space when you bring in your third family member :)
    How exciting!