Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Five Favorites (Vol. 1): Newborn Baby Edition


After months of reading Hallie's blog I'm finally linking up with her "Five Favorites" for the first time! You can thank sweet Gabriel for being a sleepy almost-1-month-old this morning - because his tiredness allowed me to cross several items off my "to-do" list and shower by 11am...which means his current post-meal nap is allowing me to actually write a blog entry today! So without further ado, I've decided to stick with the baby theme for this week's favorite things.

--- 1 ---

One of the things we made sure to buy shortly after returning home from the hospital with Gabriel (it certainly wouldn't have hurt to stock up in advance!) were these gas drops. Fortunately our son hasn't seemed to have too many issues with gas and we don't need them on a regular basis - but in that very first week he did have a few rough nights that were soothed only by giving him some of these gas drops after a feeding. They work within a few minutes (wonderful!) to provide your baby with relief from any discomfort and Gabriel pretty much loves the berry flavor. The taste alone is enough to instantly calm him down and (bonus!) it's absolutely adorable to watch his eyes get big as he happily moves his tongue and smacks his lips, savoring every bit of that berry flavor. :)

--- 2 ---

This play mat was a gift from our baby registry and I cannot imagine our lives without it! Sure, in those very early newborn days we didn't need it quite yet...but within a couple of weeks it became a lifesaver. The mat gives us another place to lay Gabriel down when he falls asleep during the day and is also a fun play-place when he's very awake and alert. He's too little to see all the colors still, but we hung the black and white zebra in the middle over his face and he has a lot of fun staring at it/trying to reach for it. Plus, we place some of the animals that rattle lower down so when he excitedly kicks his legs he also makes noise - which entertains him even further. Not to mention it's perfect for tummy time!

--- 3 ---

This item from our baby registry was very generously purchased for us by my mother-in-law and it has quickly become my other main lifesaver. Gabriel was too small to enjoy it at first, but by week three he was big enough to be entertained and comforted by it. This swing is the reason I can shower most days - because even when our baby wants to constantly be held all day long (even during his sleep! It's a miracle he lets us lay him down at night) and will wake up fussing and crying if I lay him down on a flat surface (like the play mat or in his bassinet) the swing manages to cradle, calm, and/or perplex him long enough for me to quickly get cleaned up. My husband and I are not fans of getting lots and lots of baby gear (so unnecessary!) but this is one item that is certainly worth investing in.

--- 4 ---

This glider was hands down our most expensive baby "gear" purchase - but we viewed it as an investment that we'll use for years to come and I'm so incredibly grateful we sucked it up and got it! Besides, I don't only recommend this exact glider - there are plenty of other less expensive options that will also do the trick. This one, though, was one of the few that my husband and I both agreed was comfortable. Before we got the chair and ottoman the only place to sit in our living room was the couch - so this fulfills multiple needs all in one. Now that Gabriel is sleeping in his room (we transitioned him out of our room in his third week) this chair is home to all his night feedings and I'm so grateful we have somewhere to sit other than the couch and can rock our baby to sleep. :)

--- 5 ---

Stylish, right?! During pregnancy I searched far and wide for diaper bags that looked more like purses that were also affordable/not made by some high-end designer. This is a quality diaper bag that is actually a diaper bag (I know some women just use a cute bag they like) it has all the handy compartments I could possibly ever need and automatically comes with the portable changing pad in its back pouch. One of the best parts of this bag (other than the fact that I love the design and don't feel frumpy carrying it!) is that it unzips down the middle to make room for more things! This is definitely going to be a much-needed feature as our family grows and I (God-willing) have more than one child in diapers someday. Bonus picture of what it looks like unzipped/expanded:

And now I have a newborn baby to attend to. I hope you all had a great Labor Day and have a happy Wednesday! Make sure you head over to Hallie's for more favorites!


  1. I love those Cradle and Swings! When I'm watching my nieces and nephews (5 under the age of 7), it's so handy to put the baby there and keep her entertained and happy while I help the others with a snack, etc.

    And that diaper bag! So cute! Excellent choice :)

  2. The diaper bag is adorable, I almost want that but in a purse! :)