Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Five Favorites (Vol. 2): More Baby Faves!


Last time I linked up with Hallie's Five Favorites I chose some of my favorite things for our newborn son. Well, as time goes on I become more and more thankful for even more baby things that make my life so much I'm going to share some more of them with you all! Be sure to hit up Hallie to see lots and lots of other people's favorite things this week!

--- 1 ---
Oxi Clean Baby Stain Soaker

I have no idea how this didn't make it into my other "favorites" post, but this stuff has been our saving grace since day 1 out of the hospital. Only one of Gabriel's cute onesies has a stain because I forgot that it was there and neglected to use this stain remover (and I totally set that stain in the dryer - oops). Every time I've used this stuff it has done wonders on the various spit up, milk, and poop stains...meaning they've all vanished and his clothes, burp cloths, bassinet sheets, diaper changing pad covers, and anything else he possibly could have gotten messy are still looking brand new. I'm so grateful to a parishioner back in Ann Arbor for recommending this to me before Gabriel was born! P.S. She mentioned that she can only find this stuff at Babies "R" Us/Toys "R" Us and Buy Buy Baby. We got ours at the local Toys "R" Us.

--- 2 ---
Lansinoh Lanolin Cream
I'm pretty sure any woman who has ever breastfed would look at this 'favorite' choice and say "duh." Because of how seemingly obvious of a choice it is, I almost neglected to mention it...but I don't want to assume that all first-time-pregnant ladies already have this on their shopping list - because I remember discovering this stuff existed only because my older sister (thankfully) told me to put it on our baby registry. Moms gotta help the new moms out with this kind of knowledge, right? Right. So it's a fave. Oh, and for all the soon-to-be moms out there: remember to pack this in your hospital bag. :)

--- 3 ---
Caring For Your Baby and Young Child - Birth to Age 5

This book published by the American Academy of Pediatrics is one I bought during pregnancy and I am glad I did. I purchased it back in Ann Arbor after my ob/gyn told me that it was like her Bible for raising her young children. In my opinion, this book is good because it's comprehensive yet surprisingly simple. It's kind of like putting a million baby Google search responses all in one, credible place. Whenever my husband asks me questions about baby development milestones that I'm clueless about, this is the first place I turn to for an answer.

--- 4 ---
Graco SnugRider Car Seat Stroller Frame

I knew once I was pregnant that searching for a stroller would be instead of stressing myself out I simply made a phone call to my older sister (one of the many advantages of having an older sibling blaze through life ahead of you!). She had already instructed us to pick out a Graco car seat because it's what she had used - which translated into my mom owning a Graco car seat base for her vehicle for whenever her grandchildren come to visit. So Graco it was. When I called about strollers my sister not only instructed me to use this stroller frame with our Graco car seat while our baby is little, but she also offered to let us use hers because they have two children and can no longer use it (free stroller frame without all the overwhelming research? Yes, please!). All you do is pop the car seat in this frame...and you're mobile! Plus, it has a nice, spacious basket that can hold a diaper bag and lots of other things...and has cup holders.

--- 5 ---
Boppy Pillow

A lot of "baby gear" is unnecessary and overrated...but the Boppy Pillow is something I actually find to be incredibly practical and useful...all day every day (because that's how often Gabriel nurses, after all). Realistically, mothers don't need a special pillow to put their baby on when they breastfeed; obviously any good pillow could be used. However, it's nice that this pillow wraps around your body AND it transforms into a fun place to lay your baby down when you need to actually use your hands to do something. In the earliest days we felt that Gabriel was too tiny for his swing, which meant the only place to put him was on his play mat or in his bassinet. But any time I laid him down on a flat surface while asleep his eyes would pop right open and he'd cry out, wanting to be held. Eventually I learned to lay him in the Boppy Pillow instead - because it simulated him being cradled in my arms and didn't cause him to wake up. LIFE.SAVER.

So that's it! Five more of my favorite things as I continue to navigate being a brand new mom. :)


  1. How did I not know that they make OxyClean just for baby clothes? I'm mildly obsessed with OC so I'm very disappointed in myself. ;)

    Thanks for joining in, Stephanie! xoxox

    1. It is nice to have a good stain remover that is free of perfumes and dyes/is baby safe. I highly recommend it! :)