Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Korean Fever"


For those of you that don't yet know or recently found my blog (I like to think there are people out there who fit into that category because I love getting introduced to new readers and/or their blogs, so let's pretend, okay?)...my husband is half-Korean, half-Chinese. I suppose I should clarify and say that Michael (my husband), my sister-in-law, and all of their cousins are American and the first generation born here in the United States...while all of their parents and grandparents moved here after growing up in their respective home-countries. Also, the entire Chinese side of his family here in the States is in the restaurant business (a tidbit that is more relevant in a few minutes).

Gratuitous photo of my husband being held by some of his Chinese and half-Chinese cousins and his sister (far left)
on our wedding day. Brian Powell Photography.

And for those of you that may be unfamiliar with different Asian nationalities, my husband looks more Korean than Chinese...although it may be hard to tell in the above picture...so here is another gratuitous photo of my handsome man (and me)!

October 2011 - a few months into our dating relationship

Moving on. About a week and a half ago we met with one of the deacons at our church to schedule Gabriel's baptism (something we would love to have already done...but with moving at 38 weeks pregnant and registering at a new parish shortly after giving birth I guess you could say it's taken us a little time to get all of that in motion in our new place). We learned that this deacon went to culinary school and was in the restaurant business for years before he became a permanent deacon. Aaaand thus began my husband's and Deacon John's extensive conversation about restaurants in our new area. :) Michael is pretty critical of restaurants and is therefore more difficult to please than your average customer due to his behind-the-scenes knowledge of all of his family's businesses (which are authentic Chinese and/or Asian fusion, in case you were curious). He was excited to get recommendations from another person who has been in the restaurant business and is, therefore, also more critical of his food (and appropriate pricing).

Long story short, we got some great recommendations and decided to eat out that night at a sushi place...which did live up to the deacon's hype. It was delicious and surprisingly affordable for the quality of sushi they provided. Our server (and everyone working at the restaurant) turned out to be Thai, which we know for certain because Michael asked. The server then asked what Michael is and once he knew he said, "oh, I thought so. You look Korean." He then went on to tell us how he was pretty sure Michael was Korean because of all the Korean movies and TV shows he has seen. He, in so many words, expressed the sentiment that most Asian people are familiar with how Koreans look because their music and movie industry is so booming that everyone has "Korean fever." I don't know why, but I got such a kick out of him saying this! 

Korean fever. I suppose I loved it because...Michael and I have a small case of it, too!

Yesterday I mentioned our love of Korean dramas but didn't go into much detail. Suffice it to say that Michael and I enjoy watching many Asian films with English subtitles together (Chinese, Korean, even Japanese)...but when it comes down to TV shows the Korean dramas are by far our favorites! There's something completely enamoring and intriguing about the way they produce wholesome(!), entertaining, often comedic TV shows and develop quirky characters into people you love (or hate) that keeps us coming back for more...even though many of the plots are predictable (something that would normally drive me nuts - but is completely forgivable when you watch these shows). 

Another interesting point about these Korean TV dramas is that each show is basically like a really long movie broken down into episodes. All of the shows we've seen have started and wrapped up in a single season of about 15-20 episodes that were each an hour long. Imagine the intrigue of an American show like The Good Wife (one of our favorites) - but much less scandalous - wrapped neatly into a one-season-only package.

I should also mention that Michael and I don't have cable...but we do have access to an Amazon Prime account and have (at times) had access to Netflix as well. I've seen a few good things in this genre on Netflix, but Amazon Prime takes the cake on this one. All of the Korean TV shows we've loved have been on Amazon Prime.

Have I convinced any of you to test the waters of "Korean fever" yet? If so, I might as well offer up some recommendations for you! We are currently watching (and thoroughly enjoying) Will It Snow For Christmas and have also watched the complete seasons of (in our ranked order of overall enjoyment):

1. Protect the Boss

2. Prosecutor Princess

3. Scent of a Woman

I'd say that Will It Snow For Christmas is currently vying for the 2nd or 3rd favorite slot, but we've still got 4 more episodes to go! For more details or plot summaries of any of the above-mentioned shows, please feel free to shoot me an email. And for any of you that dare to venture into the heart of this Korean fever madness, I wish you the best of luck and truly hope you find these shows to be as hilarious, entertaining, and heart-warming as my husband and I have. 

"Chase two rabbits and you will lose both."
-Seo Na Yoon in Protect the Boss


  1. lol this is so cute. i've always been fascinated by asian culture, japanese in particular because my uncle married a japanese woman and has lived there for 20 years. my mom went to korea recently for 2 weeks and came home RAVING about everything. the food, the people, the culture, etc, etc.

    know if there are any korean shows on netflix? i'll have to look up the ones you watch on amazon prime and see if those are on netflix too. always looking for fun things to add to my queue!

    1. Haha your mom would love my mother-in-law then! I don't remember any shows specifically on Netflix...but they had a few Korean movies. I remember seeing "200 pound beauty" on there - which is one we watched on Amazon Prime and thought was funny/ridiculous/entertaining. It will give you a good taste of their movie/tv style.