Saturday, October 5, 2013

28 Reasons: A Gift for My Husband's Birthday


If someone asked me to sum up the highlights of this week I'd say it really boils down to two special, annual events in my husband's and my life: our first wedding anniversary (on Sunday) and Michael's birthday (which I mentioned was on Thursday)! We had a lot of fun exploring Miami for our anniversary, but I didn't want Michael's birthday to be overshadowed by it all...which meant I needed to come up with something really good to celebrate my man. :) Last year on Michael's birthday we were having fun cave-tubing and zip-lining in Belize for our honeymoon - which sets the bar pretty high as far as all future birthdays go....

I had already decided on a present that I ordered online, but I wanted to actually do something meaningful as a gift - beyond buying something or going out for a special dinner. Maybe it's because I've been recovering from a cold all week, but I was struggling to think of what to do...aaand cue Pinterest where I found this little Pinspiration:

One glance and I was sold. I knew I wanted to create my own version of this for Michael's birthday. Thus, the "28 reasons" why I love my husband (on his 28th birthday!) project began. :)

This sequence was posted on the first wall he saw when entering the apartment

I looked at the photo of all the balloons attached to the pieces of paper and thought it looked awesome - and then I realized that I in no way wanted to deal with procuring helium in order to create that full effect. Instead, I turned the idea into my own by deciding to put all the pieces of paper with the reasons why I love my husband on the wall - and figured I would attach balloons to them so they would hang down, decorating the walls.

I had to run to the store for balloons and ribbon, but decided to use various pieces of paper from my scrapbooking stockpile. I took advantage of one of Gabriel's naps and frantically wrote down the "28 Reasons" I love Michael on a variety of paper colors and textures, cutting some of them into different shapes and sizes. Some were written directly on the paper and others had to be opened like a little book to see what it said inside.

#15: we are obviously Catholic ;)

Initially my goal was to attach a balloon to each of the 28 pieces of paper...but the reality of me recovering from a cold all week kicked in and I realized my lungs were definitely not up to the challenge. Plus, I was worried I was beginning to run out of time (you never know when a sleeping baby will wake!) so instead I blew up 10 balloons to hang from all the papers hanging over doorways or on the wall by the window. I also initially thought I would hole-punch each "reason" and neatly tie the balloon's ribbon to the hole...but that also got thrown out the door as I got worried Michael might get back from work any minute - so I just taped the ribbon directly on the back of the paper. And guess what? It didn't matter. After all, Michael had no idea what my original vision for his surprise he definitely wasn't disappointed. In fact, he told me at the end of the night that his favorite part of his birthday was coming home to the balloon-and-reasons-why-I-love-him surprise. :)

Finished product - 28 reasons wrapping around all 3 walls

After giving him a card and walking him through the room so he could read the 28 random reasons why I love him, we went out to dinner (where they sang to him and gave him a free dessert, of course!). Then we came home to enjoy a glass of wine and the cheesecake I also surprised him with (with a 2-month old baby that eats every hour during the daytime I decided it was a bit ambitious to bake a cake - so instead I bought him a kind of cheesecake I knew he had been eyeing at the store for awhile). Michael's co-workers even surprised him with a birthday cake and took him out to lunch - so I'd say he had quite the day filled with special surprises - and desserts! Hopefully his 28th birthday helped him remember how loved and appreciated he is by so many people. I know I thank God that he was born - because I couldn't live without him!

Happy birthday, my love! I'm so blessed to be by your side on this journey that makes up our everyday lives. May God bless you with many more happy birthdays for us to celebrate together. :)

"A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer."
-Lucius Annaeus Seneca


  1. Aw, you did great! And you're right--he didn't know what the original plan was! My first b-day that we were married I had to work the night before and the night of my b-day so I worked or slept through the whole thing. BUT, when I came home from work the morning of my birthday, my husband had blown up balloons and taped them from the ceiling (hanging down like I think you were picturing) all over the apartment! It was so sweet and I totally didn't expect it. He'd even gotten this shiny Happy Birthday banner (it repeated Happy Birthday about 4 times or so) and cut it into pieces and taped one of the bathroom mirror and one on each window, etc. We've kept the banner and still use it every year, usually leaving it up for the 13 days in between our birthdays--kind of like "birthday decorations" instead of Christmas decorations :-)

    1. Thanks, Kelley! I had him read my blog after I posted this entry and he said, "WHOAH. That's what you were going to do??" haha. Oh well. What a fun birthday banner tradition you and your husband have! I think that's so sweet. And that's awesome that your birthdays are so close together - I can imagine it must feel like "birthday season" in your household! :)