Monday, October 7, 2013

Gabriel at 2 Months!


Before our Sunday afternoon stroll yesterday

I just. Can't even. I'm just. Okay. Let's try this again....

I just got home from Gabriel's two-month check-up (as of Saturday, the 5th, he is officially two months old and today he is exactly 9 weeks old!). Any of you that have children know that the doctor's appointment at two months old equals one major thing: vaccinations (round one). Call me pessimistic (I call it being realistic), but I was anticipating the worst of the worst while hoping for the best. In my mind I imagined Gabriel screaming his head off at the doctor's office followed by a day of him being quite unhappy with life and potentially developing a fever.

Well, if there is anything I've learned in the past two months it is that for some unknown, wonderful reason Gabriel is what people call a "good baby" (even though that's silly because all babies are good things and a huge blessing....but you get the idea). Whatever situation we encounter he almost always has the best possible reaction you could imagine (praise the Lord!) and it leaves the other moms feeling a little bit jealous.

Gabriel had 6 vaccinations today (1 oral and 5 shots) and he cried at the doctor's office for less than 30 seconds...including the time it took his insanely speedy nurse to administer all 5 shots in his chubby, little legs. As soon as she was done I picked him up and he stopped crying. Then, after I nursed him for a few minutes he actually smiled at me as I changed his diaper and got him ready to go home. What? Who is this beautiful, non-crying child that just had 5 shots in his legs? I mean, is he even a baby? Is he a little adult disguised in the body of a 9-week old child? Oh wait, that's right. He's my easy-to-take-care-of baby. :) My incredibly happy, calm, and adorable son! Take note, future children; your brother is setting the bar pretty high....

Honestly I'm still confounded and pleasantly surprised at how well he handles everything life has thrown his way thus far (hence the flustered intro)...but I'm not going to sit here questioning how or why he doesn't cry about much of anything and just revel in the goodness of a baby who cries way less than average. And let's pray that as the day progresses our little guy isn't in pain and doesn't develop a fever (though I do have baby medicine and I'm not afraid to use it).

So seriously. Let's thank the Lord for how amazing my son's temperament is and for all the blessings God continues to surprise Michael and me with through Gabriel. Here's a little recap of the goodness the past 2 months has had to offer (plus photos!):

Our little thinker :)

  • Still a rockstar...and still eating almost every hour during the daytime (but going for longer and longer stretches at night!).
  • We tried introducing breast milk in a bottle at about 6 weeks and it didn't go over too well, but it's our goal to try again this week so we can have a little more flexibility (I have this vision of a weekend afternoon where Michael watches Gabriel and I can go to the pool for a couple hours...and not have to worry about feeding the baby because Michael can give him a bottle. Or a day when I can go to the gym for more than 40 minutes because I don't have to rush home for a feeding. Someday. Soon!).

He's happy even in his dreams

  • At one month old Gabriel was sleeping for at least one 3-hour stretch at night...which lengthened over the next couple weeks to 4 hours...which lengthened in week 7 to (drum-roll, please) 5 hours!
  • He is currently sleeping for one 5-7 hour stretch at night, followed by another stretch that ranges from 2-3 hours. Then it's back to his daytime routine of never sleeping much longer than an hour so he can eat eat eat.
  • In week 6 Gabriel started being able to fall asleep on his own (as long as he has a full tummy). This means instead of having to bounce/rock/swing him into a deep sleep in my arms before laying him down in the bassinet after each night feeding, I have begun soothing him for less than a minute before laying him down - regardless of whether his little eyes are wide open or not. Amazing.
  • I am a happy, well-rested mom that only needs a nap once or twice a week instead of the almost-daily naps I needed the first three or four weeks. :)

Happy happy happy on his daddy's birthday

Bath Time
  • As long as he is warm enough he loves it. Baby smiles all around!

He's cute and he knows it

Play Time
  • By the end of his first month Gabriel loved his play mat because it meant staring at his stuffed panda forever and ever (he loved it). Now he loves his play mat because he can't get enough of all the different hanging animals! He bats at them, eagerly kicks them, and he smiles and coos at them even when I'm across the room (unlike the end of his first month when he only stared at the zebra if I pointed it out to him).
  • He tends not to like his swing when he's incredibly alert (I usually place him there when he's really sleepy during the day), but occasionally he gets in a trance and stares at the mobile of birds and/or his reflection in the hanging globe. When the mood strikes him he can do this for a long time. It's pretty cute - and entertaining. :)
  • He still loves faces the most - and has begun to love his own reflection whenever he catches his own eye in a mirror.
  • He loves music and often likes to smile and coo along with me as I sing to him. And twice now he has bobbed his head side to side to the beat of a song we've been listening to. :)
  • He despises tummy time. It's the one thing in life he really doesn't enjoy, actually. But it's a great way to clear gunk out of his nose because he cries. Every time.

I get to see this face each day :D

  • As of today he weighs 11 lbs. 11 oz. (meaning he has gained almost 5 lbs. since birth - 4 since his two-week check-up). He is in the 50th percentile for weight now (he was in the 14th at two weeks old)!
  • He is 24.25 inches long (meaning he has grown nearly 5 inches since birth - 3.25 since his two-week check-up). He is in the 75th percentile for height. What a tall little baby!
  • His head circumference is 15.5 inches (it was 14 at his two-week check-up). The doctor said his head is "nice and round" so that's good.
  • He smiles, smiles, smiles, and coos like it's his job! 
  • The little noises he makes sound like "goo," "how," "yeah," "hiii," "ah," "ooh," etc.
  • He usually says "how" when he's getting really hungry (so I imagine him saying "Hungry! Now!") and repeats "goo" over and over after a meal (so I like to think it means "Good. Yummy!"). 
  • He still only laughs in his I'm waiting for the blessed day we get to hear that one for real. :)
  • He appears to be incredibly strong and already likes to hold his head up on his own for a few seconds here and there. Every time we hold him it seems he needs less and less head support.
  • Overall he has hit all the milestones he should be hitting and he is healthy. Hooray!

Our hipster half-Asian baby <3

"A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, home happier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for."


  1. What a precious gift from God! Love how sweet his temperament is!

    1. He seriously looooves life! Everything about it - except for tummy time, haha. He loves play time, bath time, diaper changes, eating, and even getting his nose cleaned out with a nasal bulb, lol. He's such a happy baby and hardly ever cries. :)

  2. Oh my, he is a good baby! As a pediatric nurse this week I had at least 3 kids 7 and older cry, thrash, and scream like you wouldn't believe. That's awesome that he's like that. I do have to wonder about the number of shots he got though--were none of them combos?

    1. Haha I knew when I saw 2 emails saying I had comments from you that your second one was probably a follow up to my vaccinations post. :) I'm glad to hear where you work offers Pediarix! And yes he is so good. <3