Saturday, December 14, 2013

My (Half) Asian Baby


It's not lost on me that two of the most common searches that bring people to my blog are "Asian babies" and "adorable Asian babies." The post I wrote that announced my pregnancy with Gabriel (entitled "Asian babies...for real!") is currently my second most popular blog entry of all time. I get it. I mean, long before I even met my husband I totally did frequent Google searches for Asian babies because...they are adorable! Then, once I married Michael and we knew we were expecting we had lots of fun searching online for photos of half-Asian children as we wondered what our baby might look like. One thing became obvious about our searches: we were not alone! There were tons of forums with people posting baby photos and sharing what kind of ethnic background their children were. Anyway - if you arrived at this blog in hopes of seeing pictures of an Asian (or half-Asian) baby, this post has been written specially for you! 

You search, I deliver. Or something like that. Just think of it as an early, virtual Christmas gift from me to you. ;)

First things first. I know you're dying to know so I'll tell you. My husband (who is American-born - 1st generation) is half Korean, half Chinese. Personally, I think my husband looks more Korean...and our son looks more similar to other babies I have seen that are half Caucasian, half Korean. But you can be the judge. Our son is half Caucasian, one quarter Korean, and one quarter Chinese.

First, I'll give you all a gratuitous photo of my husband and me:

No, my hair isn't actually naturally red and yes, yes, my
husband is really that handsome ;)
Oh, what's that? You need one more photo of us before I show you tons of photos of the beautiful son we have been blessed with? Okay, if you say so:

Now you can see our faces better. This is an oldie from the month before we got engaged. Aren't we cute?

Without further ado, here is a glance at our son throughout the first 4 months of his life thus far. I like to call this collection "The many faces of Gabriel."

Because Gabriel is so young we are still waiting to see when his eyes turn brown (or if they will settle on hazel. Right now they are a brilliant blue!). We are also waiting to see what color his hair becomes - because currently the back is light brown and the top is practically blonde...and in the sunshine it looks almost red. So many fun things to discover with time!

"I love Asian babies!"

Update in September 2014: As I type this Gabriel is now 13 months old. His eyes are unquestionably hazel (the only two options for us, genetically speaking, would be hazel or brown). His hair is strawberry blonde, although it's quite possible that it will get darker (I was light blonde until I was 4, at which point my hair naturally became light brown). Want to see some more current photos??? Head on over to Gabriel's 12-month update. :)


  1. I'm actually more curious about your hubby since I'm Chinese and I'm marrying a Korean man with features very different from my own. Interesting to see what features turn up on our kid!

    1. Haha, how funny! I have a feeling any future children you two have will be quite adorable! I may be biased, but I think my husband is incredibly handsome. ;) His sister is pretty, too!

  2. what a cute little family ! He looks so much like his mother !

  3. That's awesome! I keep looking at the internet for half Asian babies because my husband is Chinese and I'm white. Coincidentally, his name is Michael too!

    1. Such a small world! Glad you stumbled upon my blog. :)