Friday, February 21, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 23)


--- 1 ---
You know how you know you haven't done a "quick takes" post in a long while? The answer: when you have to search through your archives to figure out what "volume" number you're on. And/or once you find your last post you realize that it was published more than 4 months ago. Yep. Soooo I'd like to say "I'm back!" but this week could also be a fluke and I may not be linking up again for another 4 months. Guess we'll have to wait and see!

--- 2 ---
Speaking of blog things I've been meaning to do for literally several months and have yet to accomplish, I really want to redesign my blog. Let me rephrase that: I really want to pay someone else to redesign my blog the way I want it. Alas, I have no idea where to begin finding such a person that will do beautiful work and not break the bank, so to speak. Who do you all recommend??? Please, please send me recommendations! Even if you haven't hired someone to revamp your blog, surely you know of someone who recommended someone else once upon a time?

--- 3 ---
This week I dug out all of our "decorative" things (photo frames, artwork, vases, the usual knick knacks, etc.). I've already figured out what should go where (for the most part) in our new apartment, but have any of you tried decorating a new place with a 6.5 month infant who has gotten really good at rolling all over the floor? Well, it's kind of hard. So to help me keep my sanity my husband has agreed that we can spend some time Sunday afternoon finally hanging all the things I naively thought I could hang this week while he was at work. :) I can't wait!

--- 4 ---
Michael and I decided that we are going to explore (read: eat good food, walk around, and buy lots of good food to bring home and prepare) Koreatown tomorrow! Can you believe we have lived here for 6 weeks already without going to Koreatown? Also, can you believe we actually now live close to several pockets of Korean food in the suburbs?! We are going to one of these areas tomorrow - not into the "city city." After living in a place without any good Korean markets or restaurants within 45 minutes of us for the past 6(ish) months you'd think my husband (who is half Korean, half Chinese) would have jumped at this opportunity immediately. Anyway, he is really excited which in turn makes me happy. :)

--- 5 ---
Did you all read this interview with Dr. Caroline Heldman, PhD about empowered womanhood (found in Verily magazine)? If not, let me just point out one little thing that I know all you SAHMs will appreciate:
"One of the biggest faults of our culture is that we don’t value homemaking. It’s the most common occupation that women have, childrearing and homemaking. More women are doing that than any other single job. Even if you’re working outside the home, the vast majority of women are still working inside the home. So what does it mean when we as a culture do not value the primary activity that women undertake? We see it’s lack of value in many ways, one is that it’s not seen as work, even though Chase-Manhattan Bank does an analysis every year to assign a price tag to homemaking. Last year it was over $130,000."
That's right. If you take care of just ONE child your imaginary salary is valued at $130,000. Boom. Not that I need a bank to attempt to put a price tag on the value of taking care of children, but...still. It's kind of a nice thought, right?

--- 6 ---
Another interesting (read: sad-but-not-surprising) read: NBC Depicts Married 23-Year-Old Olympian as Living 'Alternative Lifestyle.' My favorite quote from this response piece?
"Well, at 23, he is an adult. He has been an adult for five years. He is old enough to have graduated from college, gotten married, started a family, become a world class skier — all kinds of adult things. Because he is an adult."
Seriously. Preach! Props to my older sister for posting this (and the Verily article!) on her Facebook page for me to find. ;)

--- 7 ---
These "takes" are supposed to be "quick," but does anyone else find that sometimes they take far too long for you to come up with? Or is that just me? Or am I just way out of practice? Either way, my son's first nap is nearly over so I'd better hurry along. Don't forget about my plea for blog design recommendations...please! Help a sister out. :)

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  1. Give etsy a try for your redesign project. They've got some templates for $10. I've been itching to do the same. Maybe it's a season change thing. And I'm grateful you're back on the blogging "grind".


    1. You know, I hadn't even thought of Etsy! Thanks, Andrea. :)

  2. steph!! cassie pease does web/blog design!

    1. I didn't think of that; thanks for the suggestion, Liz!!!