Friday, February 28, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 24)

Somehow I'm back for the second week in a row! It's been awhile, but I'm slowly getting back into a blogging rhythm. This week's quick takes will truly be "quick" because I'm basically going to share a bunch of links with you all (hey, it's better than not doing any quick takes for another 4 months, right?). Make sure to head over to Jen's to discover alllllllllll the other quick takers. :)

--- 1 ---
For starters, did you know that Kathryn is hosting a baby name link-up?! I love reading about the process parents go through to name their children (and of course I shared our story about Gabriel's name) so this is a really fun one to check out. Happy naming! Or reading! Whichever.

--- 2 ---
Did you all hear about the woman who saved her baby nephew's life on the Miami expressway last week?! This story with a happy ending makes me feel inspired and terrified that I never took an infant CPR class all at once. But go Aunt Pamela!

--- 3 ---
While we're on the topic of inspirational things, you should probably check out this news story about a math teacher whose secret good works shocked the students at his school when they found out. This is just so precious. And what a good man of the Lord, am I right?

--- 4 ---
Do you ever read about something your Archbishop is doing and think to yourself, "that's MY bishop! I feel so blessed to be a part of this diocese!"? If you are Catholic and answered "no" to this question then...I don't know. Perhaps we need to send up some prayers for your diocese. Just kidding, but not really. Bishops always need our prayers! Anyway. I had one of those moments this week when I read about Pope Francis telling Archbishop Chaput (in so many words) to bring his "A game" to Rome to become the latest recruit for the Pontifical Council for the Laity. My new Archbishop (new to me, anyway, since we just moved here) is doing big things for God which is how it should be...and is such a blessing to the people of Philadelphia.

--- 5 ---
This happened to my Alma mater this week. Yikes.
"The exposed information includes names, addresses and Social Security numbers for about 146,000 people* who attended or graduated IU between 2011 and 2014."
If only I hadn't added a new degree right before my junior year and had to do that 5th year...I would have graduated in 2010 and could have left unscathed by these web crawlers. Let's pray that my graduation date in May 2011 leaves me out of this mess, please! 

*including satellite campuses

--- 6 ---
This next link I'm sharing at the very polite request of the webmaster and editor of the Catholic Dating Blog. Apparently they have compiled a list of "101 Catholic Priests You Should Follow On Google+". So if you actually understand and use Google+ (I don't), feel free to check it out! I'm sure these gentlemen are probably sharing a lot of great information for all their Google+ followers. :)

--- 7 ---
And to close out the week, I'm leaving all of you with this link to a Totoro and Company home decor sale because...I'm in love with practically ALL the Totoro things. If you don't know who Totoro is you are sorely missing out. In fact, if you haven't heard of Hayao Miyazaki or Studio Ghibli you should remedy that asap. You're welcome.

Oh, and those sale items are going fast. Michael and I may or may not have bought a few of them late last night. Our baby (and - God-willing - future babies) pretty much have to love Totoro now. Or else Michael and I will just play with that 10-piece figurine set ourselves....

Happy Friday!


  1. Hey Stephanie, I recently found your blog and I love it! I'm also married to an Asian (Laotian) man and I'm Catholic. He's not Catholic but is very supportive.. Asian babies are the cutest and your son is adorable! Keep on keepin' on! I love to read your blog.

    1. Hi Kelsey! Thanks for your comment. I love it when new readers introduce themselves! I hopped over to your blog and think we'll have a lot in common. Congrats on your recent marriage - how exciting! :)