Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Gabriel: 6 Months


Six months! This past month has been a whirlwind of many sorts with the new year, our recent move, and Gabriel's rapid growth and development. Seriously. The boy hit another growth spurt and is filling out (height-wise...because his waist is still thin) 6-9 month sleep 'n plays, all of his 3-6 month pants, and more. Before I reveal all of the updates let's take a look at some photos of him from this past month:

Be still my heart.

Now for the updates! Side note: once we head to the pediatrician in a few days I'll come back and fill in his new weight, length, head circumference, etc.

  • He still won't take a bottle. The most he has ever eaten is about half an ounce. Sooo. Yeah. We have tried the sugar trick, different types of bottles/nipples, and we make sure Michael is the one to give it to him while I'm completely out of sight. Any other tips?
  • He nurses on average every 2 hours during the daytime - sometimes he goes 1.5 hours and other times he goes 3 or (rarely) 4 hours. People tend to gasp in horror when they learn this because "babies should be eating every 4 or 5 hours by his age!" to which I, okay. Thanks. I know that on average that is how frequently children his age will eat. But since when has Gabriel ever eaten the actual number of supposed meals a baby 'should' eat each day? (Answer: never.) And who comes up with those numbers anyway? I'm pretty sure some healthy children eat much more infrequently and my son happens to eat a lot more frequently...and yes, he is getting enough food and is growing well so I'm not concerned. #EndRant
  • He had his first solid food! We introduced rice cereal a few days ago (February 2nd) and he isn't in love with it but he doesn't hate it...and he eats a little more each morning I give it to him.

Nap Time
  • I don't know if it's tiredness brought on by his current growth spurt/cognitive development or if this is the introduction of a new pattern, but lately he takes a few short naps (20-45 minutes) and one long(er) nap each day (1.5-2 hours). If this is the new norm I have all sorts of hopeful ideas about what I can begin to accomplish during his long nap time!
  • He still won't nap flat on his back (yes, I know babies should always sleep on their backs and I promise he does at night no problem) the swing remains our nap-time hero. He did sleep in a crib for a nap once because we were at a friends' and he was wayyyy over-tired/sleep-deprived that day.
  • Because of his teething he still needs to be soothed for naps (read: bounced bounced bounced until he's out and I can buckle him in the swing seat). 

Bed Time
  • Still teething...which means he still wakes up 2-6 times each night after I go to bed. Lately the average has dropped back down to 2 or 3 so that is seriously great.
  • I should mention that he is able to fall asleep on his own. He was first capable of this at 6 weeks but in the past couple of months he has stopped falling asleep every night after his final feeding...which means we have become intentional about laying him down at a certain time even if he appears wide awake. Sometimes he fusses to the point that I bring him out for one last nursing session (after which he usually falls asleep) but other nights he simply falls asleep within 20 minutes of me laying him down (I'm so thankful to have a baby that can fall asleep on his own at this age! I know it's not true of all babies at this point in time).

Bath Time
  • When he turned 5 months he had just barely started splashing with his hands...and he quickly became the splashing master. 
  • He loves to splash, play with bath toys (well, one whale in particular that he seems to love above all others), and you'd better believe he excitedly reaches for the cup we use to rinse him off with (and loves to reach for and/or try to drink from the little waterfall of water we pour over him).
  • We also have to be very careful about where his little whale ends up floating because he will try and dive for it. There have been a few close calls where he almost threw his head into the side of the tub, but so far we've managed to prevent such things from happening. 

Play Time

This is one of the hardest things to jot down because there are so many - so when I try to recall everything it's kind of a blur. Here goes:
  • He is very intentional about reaching for toys.
  • His hand/eye/wrist coordination is ever-improving (you should see the way he rotates and shakes rattles!).
  • He gets fussy if I let him play on his back too long because he wants to be sitting, standing, or some excited combination of both as he sits then stands then sits then stands, haha.
  • He currently loves to reach for my face and hold my mouth as I talk or make goofy sounds. He gets such a kick out of it.
  • He reaches for who he wants (i.e. if I hold him and sit down by Michael he will reach towards Michael and vice versa).
  • Supposedly babies his age get tired of toys after a few minutes but Gabriel has had a long attention span for these things for a few months now. He will study a toy extensively - feeling it, staring at it, tasting it, turning it over and over, dropping it and picking it back up, etc (this is very helpful to me because I can leave him alone on his play mat in the morning [when he is happiest] and talk to him from across the room as I clean or do whatever I need to do).
  • I didn't think he could love his mirror more but...I think it is seriously one of his all-time favorite things right now.

  • His hair is really coming in!
  • His eyes are slowly turning more and more brown in the sunlight (in artificial lighting they still look bluish grey). It's just a matter of time before we say goodbye to those baby blues.
  • He can do the "tripod" sit very well without support!
  • He can sit in his Bumbo seat and play for about 30 minutes before he gets tired of it.
  • He can roll both ways! Two days before the 6-month mark he rolled from his back to his front for the first time. In the past couple days he has begun to master this skill and has started to travel across the floor by rolling a few times in a row (time to start baby-proofing for real!).
  • He still babbles. Currently he loves the "m" sounds and says "mmm," "mmhmm," and "mama" a lot (I can't wait until he intentionally calls me by name!). 
  • He is getting great at all sorts of mouth tricks (raspberries, lip smacking noises, etc.).
  • He has become obsessed with his tongue and often sticks it out like a little lizard. :)
  • Gabriel knows/responds to his name.
  • Updates on 2/10/14 (after seeing the pediatrician):
    • Height: 27 inches (50-75 percentile)
    • Weight: 15.2 lbs (10th percentile)
    • Head circumference: 16.5 inches (5-10 percentile)
"Babies are always more trouble than you thought - and more wonderful."
-Charles Osgood


  1. Hi Stephanie, I found your blog about a year ago, in January 2013. I loved following all your pregnancy posts, since I was due a week ahead of you! Our little man, Luka, arrived a few days ahead of Gabriel, and I love reading all your baby updates now! I just wanted to tell you how inspiring your blog is to me as I try to live as a faithful Catholic wife and mom :-)

    1. Hi!!! Thanks so much for reading and for your encouraging comment. :) It's always nice to meet other Catholic moms who can relate to my day in and day out!

  2. Gabriel is so adorable! How can you stand it?! :)

    1. Thank you! Haha, the only way I can stand it is to smother his cheeks and head with LOTS of kisses, post constant photos of him on Instagram, and then stare at those photos nonstop when he's sleeping. And repeat. ;)