Friday, March 14, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday: This Week's Faves (Vol. 25)


After the night we had I was half-tempted to write a "7 reasons why every single person in this family is really sleep deprived today" post. However, that's not really my style and it would hardly mesh well with what I shared Wednesday about feeling SO blessed here and focusing on living up this gratitude. This means that instead I'll be going with my original plan to share 7 of my favorite, happiest things from this week!

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--- 1 ---

Have you all heard of the NoseFrida? It's basically a nasal aspirator that sucks the snot out of your baby's nose (as opposed to using those nasal bulbs that are all too often s-l-o-w). Let me tell you: this thing WORKS. It's fast, hygienic, and poses no risk of damaging your child's mucus membranes because you don't place it inside the nose. Plus, it's made by the Swedes (shout out to the people of my maiden name/my paternal heritage!). Anyway, this little snotsucker (I'm not kidding - they actually call it that) combined with some saline drops has allowed me to suction out Gabriel's nose faster than ever before. Big win.

--- 2 ---
We finally got around to buying and hanging some curtains for Gabriel's room! This makes his room warmer, more quiet (so he doesn't hear people in the apartment parking lot or coming up the stairs), and hopefully the enhanced darkness will make his sleep better. I've never been more excited about curtains in my LIFE.

--- 3 ---
God hit me over the head with a genius realization this week - that we should move Gabriel's swing into his bedroom. Why? Because all he uses it for nowadays is to nap. We have the Bumbo and his highchair if I need to securely sit him down somewhere for a minute. Even though he sleeps fine in the crib at night he has never been able to nap there; he naps in all those positions they say won't give your baby enough oxygen (in my arms, a swing, a car seat, etc.). What has been the result? Not having him nap in our open living space has allowed me to feel more relaxed and free to actually do things without the constant paranoia of waking him up! I haven't felt this way since we moved his bassinet out of our bedroom about 28 weeks ago. :)

--- 4 ---
Another simple yet genius idea we put into action this week? We bought a neck pillow. It may sound ridiculous, but this has helped decrease all the neck and back pain I found myself constantly having from falling asleep nursing Gabriel far too often. I realized that I end up falling asleep in our glider/rocking chair for an average of 30-60 minutes once nearly every night. Do you know how much unnecessary neck and back pain this has caused me over the past several months? Too much. What a simple but very important game-changer in how my body feels!

--- 5 ---
Oh joy of joys, I made it to daily Mass this week - TWICE! I have wanted to get back to doing this for a good long while, but sharing one vehicle when we have a baby had made this endeavor far too daunting (because it would mean me getting up early, prematurely waking our son, dropping my husband off at work, taking the car to Mass, then having to go back out with our son to pick my husband up from work). First world problems, here. But seriously - our short stint in Florida led us to leave my husband's car with his parents and a couple weekends ago he drove it back. Having my own car ready and waiting for me to simply walk out the door has made a huge difference in how likely I am to make it to daily Mass with my baby boy in tow.

--- 6 ---
This next one is a major game-changer in how I'll be shopping for clothing (especially for our son!): I finally joined thredUP. After literally months of seeing "thredUP" pop up on all your other blogs I started to think I should probably check it out. If there are any of you out there unfamiliar with this website (don't feel bad! I had no idea how great it was until this week!), please please please let me invite you to join via email - because it will give you $10 off and give me a $10 credit, too! If you are in the market for very gently used women's or kid's clothing and accessories at fabulous, affordable prices you should definitely check it out. I managed to snag 3 button down dress shirts, a pair of khakis, and 3 casual/cotton pairs of pants for my son for only $17! I can't wait for them to arrive in the mail!

--- 7 ---
Okay, to close things out I'll leave you with this YouTube video that you all have probably already seen. Personally I think it's pretty funny that the daughter in back seems to have no interest in what her parents are doing - and the whole things is definitely cheesy and maybe even slightly obnoxious. BUT, considering just last week when we were re-watching Tangled I turned to Michael and asked if he could learn to sing one of the songs with me (the one in the boat with the lanterns - you know the one) there is a part of me that just loves this. Happy viewing and happy Friday!

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