Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Southern Garden Tea Party Surprise for One Special Bride-to-Be


Remember how I mentioned that I ventured into a land that is entirely foreign to this new mother? Literally speaking, that land was New Jersey, but I was aiming more towards the figurative - which is something along the lines of "an entire 6ish hours without my baby by my side."

Right. So you may remember that my big adventure across the bridge was all for my cousin's bridal shower - which was a surprise, by the way. That's right. A surprise bridal shower! I had never seen a bridal shower successfully executed as a surprise until that day and I've got to say that I was very impressed by everything.

Look at these clever little favors for the guests!

All of the guests arrived about 30 minutes before my cousin so that everyone could mingle, get settled, and (obviously) be there to surprise her when it was time. The shower was held in a social room at her church and my aunt had successfully convinced my cousin, Emily, that they were headed to some sort of ladies' luncheon/tea party that would have various speakers. Emily wasn't thrown off by this because it wasn't uncommon for their church to host such events.

When I think of Emily (who in all honesty, I haven't seen nearly enough over the years), I think of a classy young woman. Despite the fact that we've grown up several miles apart, I've had the pleasure of (thank you, social media) watching her grow into an intelligent, beautiful (inside and out), highly-driven young lady who carries herself with the kind of poise that is woefully uncommon among American young ladies nowadays. She is the kind of girl that others look at in awe because - even though she is freshly out of college - she has her life together (no, really. She even has a blog about how to better organize your life).

With the glowing bride-to-be!

In June we'll be celebrating her actual nuptials and attending her bridal shower gave me a glimpse into how epic this wedding and reception are going to be. Seriously, y'all. This side of my family can be a real riot and I know we are in for a treat! There will be lots of laughter and dancing which is as it should be...because I'm so so happy for Emily and what the future has in store for her!

Okay, enough rambling. Before I wrap this up I'd like to jot down some highlights from the shower.

  • The theme of the shower was "Southern Garden Tea Party" which meant that hats and gloves were encouraged. These women wore some of the most awesome hats I've seen in a long time - and thanks to my sister (who let me borrow her fascinator) I received many compliments on my attire.
  • My experience as a maid of honor and bridesmaid several times over in recent years has apparently fashioned me into a wedding-themed word scramble champ...so I won a beautiful little set of teacups!
Aren't these darling?! Her bridesmaids have good taste.
  • My aunt is hilarious but it wouldn't be politically correct for me to elaborate. Just know that she is hilarious.
  • I got to wear a normal dress - meaning I didn't have to plan something that was nursing-friendly. In fact, it's not possible to nurse in the dress that I wore. WHAT. Perhaps that sounds shallow that it made the list of highlights - but it's a happy memory!
  • I was blessed to see my family, including my uncle - who made a guest appearance towards the end of the shower!
  • The surprise was a huge success - and Emily was brought to tears when she realized what was going on and saw several loved ones she never thought would be able to make the journey (including her future mother-in-law who flew up from Arkansas!).
  • We ate delicious food, enjoyed wonderful company, and best of all: we celebrated Emily and her joyful engagement to an upstanding young man. 

What a happy day it was. And now I'm PUMPED for June! Congratulations Emily and Jason! I can't wait to celebrate your wedding and the start of your marriage in only a couple of months!

“The best time to love with your whole heart is always now, in this moment, because no breath beyond the current is promised.”
-Fawn Weaver

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