Friday, May 30, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 27)


Linking up with Jen and the rest of her Friday crew! 

--- 1 ---
Are you reading this on a feed reader? Or on your phone? If you are, I don't think you'll be able to see my pretty little (brand new) header! Up until this point I've always designed everything for my blog. However, there came a time when I longed for something a bit beyond my limited skills. This blogging mom's solution? I asked for nothing on Mother's Day except for a customized header for my blog. Kind of ridiculous, but I'm excited one and the same! Thank you to my dear husband for indulging me in this manner. :)

--- 2 ---
I love this blogging community. Seriously. Thank you to all of you who read my blog on a semi-regular basis (or even just once!). And another even bigger "thank you" to those of you who write blogs I enjoy reading, too! It always helps to know there are others out there who understand my life. This week that prize goes to Katrina because she recently wrote a piece about clogged milk ducts (and how to unclog them). If I hadn't read her blog, I wouldn't have known what was going on when this happened to me recently. I had no idea this was a common thing, y'all. I feel so blessed not to have experienced it until now! May God bless you, Katrina. What would we do without the people who are willing to take one for the team and write the "awkward" posts that can help so many of us?

--- 3 ---
Last week I wrote about "Ferberizing" our baby with some real sleep training. When he slept through the night on Night 3 I thought it must be a fluke (he was probably just really tired and didn't wake up, right?). Then I wondered if Night 4 was a fluke. And Night 5. By Night 6 I was pretty sure that Gabriel had to have woken up during those nights even though he didn't make a peep. It wasn't until Night 6 that I finally dared to speak the words aloud. Ladies (and gentlemen? Any of you out there? Probably not after take #2), I am happy to announce that our baby is finally sleep trained! Knowing that I can put him down for bed and not have to worry about getting him out of his crib or feeding him until the morning is...mind-blowing.

--- 4 ---
We've officially lived here for 4.5 months! After getting married we lived in Michigan for 10 months then Florida for 6 months. And now that we are here we have made better acquaintances and friends in 4.5 months than we ever did in either location throughout the previous 16 months. It sounds kind of sad when I say that...but really it's a testament to how very happy I am here. The people we have met here are so good to us and it's the first time in a long time that I think Michael and I have really felt like we have a local community. And it's not just the people; it's the place, too. There were elements we loved about both Michigan and Florida, but if it were a contest...the suburbs of Philadelphia are winning. I just can't stop thanking God for all the experiences we've had in these 3 places together as a family...but especially here. This place is such a gift for my soul.

--- 5 ---
Speaking of the great things going on around here...I began a Catholic moms group this week! After coming to know the area a bit better, searching for various mom groups, speaking with other Catholic young adults, and noticing a lack of existence of such a group within our county (except for one parish - one out of many, many parishes), I decided to bite the bullet and get this party started. In less than 4 days the group (which I created via grew to 12 members...and 5 showed up at our first play-date yesterday! I was amazed at how quickly (and comfortably) we began chatting about pro-life ob/gyns, local NFP instructors, and more. I think this is something we all needed and I'm so grateful that I'm at a time and place in my life as a mother that I can organize this group and help build up this community - not just for myself but for one another. Even if the group never grows bigger than it is right now, this is a solid, beautiful group of ladies that I might not have ever encountered otherwise. Do you have a Catholic moms group near you? I'd love to hear what you all do when you get together!

--- 6 ---
Last week Michael and I realized that with his Xbox Gold membership (how we watch Amazon Prime or Netflix) there are several other video apps we could download for free. Included in these free apps? Not one, but TWO video apps that are solely providers of Korean Dramas. And good Korean dramas that have aired recently. WHAT?! Thank you, God, for this little slice of heaven under our roof. You'd better believe we're cancelling our Netflix subscription asap.

--- 7 ---
It's no secret that even though we have quite possibly the happiest baby under the sun, we've had some real struggles with foods. Gabriel is doing great with solids at this point, but I'm not above asking for prayers as we work towards him drinking from a cup on a regular basis. This has proven to be quite a challenge since he always refused bottles. Sippy cups, straw cups, lidless cups, cups with lids. We've done it all. I think we've found the right cup for him and we've had some truly radiant glimmers of hope this past week with some water, but we're not quite at the point where Gabriel will accept a cup of milk. I would love it so much if he would do this just for one meal a day on a consistent basis. Just one would be so great until we could work up to more. By one year I want to be done nursing and I'm already starting to get that antsy longing to be done. If I could stop before a year I would - but I don't think it's going to happen without drastic measures. So please pray. Please, please pray for him and for me.

That's all I've got. Time to take advantage of what little is left of this nap-time and hop in the shower! Happy Friday, friends. Oh! And please pray for the repose of Michael's grandmother's soul. We're traveling again to Ohio for a long weekend leading up to the wake and Monday's funeral.


  1. Your new little bird reminds me of the birds that were on our wedding invitations. :)

    1. We had bluebirds on ours, too! The one in the design is inspired by the bluebirds my sister crocheted and turned into magnets as our wedding favors for guests. :)

  2. Congratulations on a baby that sleeps through the night. What an accomplishment that must feel like. Also, love the header. It's so delicate.

  3. So awesome that you started that Catholic Moms group! What a great support for all of you. Glad that you are doing so well in Philadelphia! Also, congrats on little Gabriel sleeping through the night! It's about the best thing ever when babies finally sleep without getting up at all!!!

  4. So awesome that you started that Catholic Moms group! What a great support for all of you. Glad that you are doing so well in Philadelphia! Also, congrats on little Gabriel sleeping through the night! It's about the best thing ever when babies finally sleep without getting up at all!!!