Friday, July 25, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 28): NFP Awareness Week Edition!


I haven't found much time for blogging this week, but considering it's National NFP Awareness Week I really wanted to make at least some kind of contribution - no matter how small (or quick, if you will). I've written about NFP in the past and I'm definitely not the only one. In fact, there's a vast library of pieces about Natural Family Planning buzzing around the internet (informative pieces, personal experience pieces, etc.). So let's just link to some of them and call it good. Happy National NFP Awareness week, everyone!

First, a few pieces from my own archives:

--- 1 ---
Why Natural Family Planning is Superior to Birth Control, Part 1. This title is pretty self-explanatory - but in this piece I focus on reasons NFP is better for women (and couples) than birth control that have nothing to do with religious beliefs. Because NFP is not just for Catholics!

--- 2 ---
Why Natural Family Planning is Superior to Birth Control, Part 2. This is a continuation of Part 1 that addresses and (hopefully) helps explain the Catholic teachings about NFP/birth control/sex/babies.

--- 3---
The "Both/And" of Natural Family Planning. This piece discusses how polarized us Natural Family Planners can make NFP seem - but it's not 100% joyful-all-the-time nor 100% what-a-burden. It's more of a "both/and" situation in which even our crosses have the potential to bring us closer to God and real peace. Blatantly written from a Catholic perspective - but if you're not Catholic, it might shed a little more light on our views for you.

And now for some pieces written by others around the web:

--- 4 ---
NFP For the Win at Melody's Harmonies. 5 reasons NFP "wins." This list can apply to any woman regardless of religious affiliation.

--- 5 ---
Best of the Best: NFP at Melody's Harmonies. A big list of NFP resources! Books, websites, blog posts, and apps - whether you want to learn more about the science of NFP, find a new charting app, or read personal experience pieces, this list is a helpful one.

--- 6 ---
The Many Faces of NFP at Melody's Harmonies. Want to read something short, sweet, and to the point - that includes brief explanations of various methods by different women who share glimpses into their personal journeys with NFP? This is your winner. BONUS: My sister is one of the featured faces! :)

--- 7 ---
Women Speak on NFP (Series!) at Carrots for Michaelmas. Do you want a comprehensive list of pieces that detail personal experiences with NFP? This series contains about 20 pieces (and is growing).

Most of you that read this blog are probably already "aware" of NFP, but here's to hoping this quick list will help some of you discover new resources or interesting reads to aid you on your journey. And if you are still confused about how Natural Family Planning works or why so many women use this completely natural method to either postpone or achieve pregnancy, I'd recommend you start with some of the resources you can find in numbers 1 and/or 5 (in the list above).

Thank you to Carolyn at Svellerella for hosting while Jen and many of our fellow Catholic bloggers are off to the Edel conference! If you simply can't get enough about NFP, make sure you check out Carolyn's very own list of 5 NFP Favorites. :)


  1. Hahaha I just did my own 7QT on NFP, too! Mine is a brief list of methods, just in case anyone thought there was only one... not that anyone would ever think that. Ahem.

  2. world's collide. the girl hosting the link up this week is my friend's sister. cinci catholic connectionzzzz