Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Why We Chose (and I Love) Baby-Led Weaning


Want to know about our solid food journey with Gabriel - what worked (and didn't work) for us? Are you curious about Baby-Led Weaning, how we discovered it, and a few key reasons why we love it so much? I'm sharing all of this and more with Emily over at Raising Barnes today! Feel free to read a little teaser below that I've excerpted or click on over to read the entire story from beginning to end. 

Trying to give Gabriel solid foods became truly disheartening as I struggled to understand why he showed such an interest in solids but continued to refuse everything we introduced him to. I'm sure he was frustrated as well! At some point, my older sister (an awesome mother to 2 amazing little girls with another baby on the way) introduced me to Baby Mum-Mums - which are basically rice crackers that dissolve easily. The texture feels great on the gums of a teething baby and because they dissolve so well it didn't matter that Gabriel did not yet have any teeth. I began giving him these crackers, which he accepted happily. Why didn't he eat anything else I gave him??? 
Suddenly, a light bulb went off over this first-time mother's head. It wasn't so much about the food as it was the method of eating the food that had us in a rut!

And just like that, I'll leave you hanging so you make sure to head over and say hi to Emily. She has a busy month ahead of her as her husband recovers from knee surgery - so make sure to say some prayers for her little family, too!

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