Friday, September 12, 2014

7QT (Vol. 30)


--- 1 ---

Well, I finally did it. After much consideration (and talking my husband's ear off - bless his heart), I went ahead and created a Facebook page for the blog. Honestly I never did until now because I didn't see much of a point (and was worried it might make me waste more time on FB). I don't use Twitter and I don't link other social media to my blog - and for a long time I viewed having a blog FB page as something that people do when they're actively trying to grow their audience. Sure, some people use it as a marketing tool, but lately I've also come to realize that one huge benefit to a blog page on FB is that it creates a forum to interact with readers in ways I never would on the blog!

Sometimes I have quick questions (not blog post worthy) that I would love to get some feedback on, but don't have a way of asking a group of people in the same stage of life (or close to it) or that have similar experiences. Michael and I keep our personal posts on FB to a minimum and even if we didn't, we don't have a ton of friends where we're at right now in regards to marriage and babies.

Recently it dawned on me that people who read my blog are the perfect candidates for such interactions! If this ends up increasing my readership that's fine, but I'm more interested in getting to know people who read my blog so we can all discuss topics of interest and share tips, tricks, advice, or give support when needed. If that sounds like something you're interested in, then please head over to Facebook and like the new Bluebird Songs page! :)

--- 2 ---
Um, this boy seems to have mastered the 4 years old. Check it out.

--- 3 ---
Pope Francis' got jokes. Seriously. Even if you have the best in-laws in the world, I think he can still make you chuckle with his jokes about family life (click on the link for a brief video). Thanks for the laugh, Papa Francesco!

--- 4 ---
I've mentioned a few times that I completed a year of full-time volunteer service (with the Dominicans!) after college, but I don't think I've written much on here about what I did that year. Well, I worked as the Volunteer Coordinator for a domestic violence non-profit agency that serves the west side of Chicago and many suburbs. Domestic violence isn't a topic that many people are well-educated about (I wasn't until I went through the mandated 40-hour training for the state of Illinois!), so I'm thankful whenever real, educational information about this topic gets circulated in mainstream media. I've seen a lot of terrible, hurtful, ignorant things said about the Ray Rice situation, but thankfully that's not all  that's making its way around the interwebs. My friend (who also worked at the DV agency with me) shared this with me earlier this week so I'm sharing it with you all.

People are right to be upset about DV, but too often their anger gets misdirected at the victim as they blame them for staying in an abusive relationship. The Twitter campaign #WhyIStayed helps shed some light onto common reasons people often stay in abusive relationships. It's easy from the outside to approach it as a black and white issue (i.e. if he hits you, you leave immediately), but this aspect of DV is definitely not black & white. If you ever catch yourself starting to blame the victim or wondering why on earth he/she hasn't left such a toxic, abusive situation as soon as you think they should have, please read this (and share it with others!). I promise it's worth your time.

--- 5 ---
On a much lighter note, here are a bunch of Christian memes. Enjoy!

--- 6 ---
Talk to me about Baltimore and NYC, please. When we first moved near Philly we decided that we'd try and take advantage of our location on the East Coast and take some weekend trips to nearby cities. We've already been to D.C. and Boston, but we're hoping to do a day trip to Baltimore and a weekend in New York within the next couples of months. I've been to NYC briefly a couple of times but Michael never has - and he's been to Baltimore once but I haven't. What do you think we should see/do?!

--- 7 ---
It's almost 9am and my baby is still asleep. He usually wakes up around 6 or 7 at which point I nurse him and lay him back down and he goes back to sleep. He awoke at 5:45 this morning, which would usually mean he would be up again by 7:30ish, so...I have no idea how or why he is this tired but I'm going to wrap up these 7 quick takes and take full advantage of this precious alone time!


Happy Friday, everybody! Make sure you head over to Conversion Diary and check out the rest of all the Quick Takes fun!

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  1. Oh I can talk your ear off about NYC. Here's my old old old blog post about one weekend we spent there: I'll call you lata, sista!