Monday, February 2, 2015

Our Abode: Boston Suburbs


Another city, another apartment. This could very well be one of those topics that only interests me, but I love recording photos of the various places we've called home. In fact, as I compiled these pictures of our new place I glanced at the photos from our previous apartments in Michigan, Florida, and Pennsylvania. It's kind of amazing to me to see our same furniture and decorations in different places - because even though our things are almost always the same (with a bunch of donations and a few new additions along the way), each of our places has looked and felt distinctly different from one another! Experiencing so many floor plans (and amenities, appliances, cabinetry, closets, etc.) has certainly helped shape our preferences and allowed us to think about what we would probably like/dislike in a house, which is yet another reason I'm grateful for this time in our young lives and my husband's career when we get to explore so many parts of the country.

Before you all scroll ahead to see our new home (spoiler alert: this apartment is hands-down my favorite thus far), let me first apologize for the potentially weird editing of the photos. I uploaded and edited the exposures on my husband's laptop - and when I saw them there the lighting was almost breathtaking; then I began working on this draft on my laptop and let's just say the saturation is less than realistic in more than one photo (because wait until you see our bedroom dresser - there's no way it actually looks THAT blue! Oops). Maybe they look normal on your computer/phone/device? If not, my bad!


That looks like a lot of doors, I know. But on the far right is the entrance, the middle doors contain our washer & dryer, and the door on the left is our coat closet.

No big deal - this is only more than DOUBLE the size of our previous kitchen (and we won't even mention the size or configuration of our kitchen in Michigan).

You guys. An island. And it has cabinets & drawers on one side! I still sometimes stare at this piece and just marvel. May I never take for granted the sheer amount of counter-top and storage space this apartment provides us.


Inquisitive toddler not included. We brought him along for the ride. And yes, I just saw that apparently I used the same joke last time...but I'm keeping it all the same. ;)


Okay, it's not technically a separate room, but this bay window in our living room offers a lovely dining view!


His room was so cold before we requested maintenance that we lined the windowsill with towels (okay, they're still there).

We purchased that little bookshelf unit (Babies R Us) and owl lamp (Wal-Mart) once we got here because his old lamp got broken in the move & we realized we had nowhere to put his things - and I'm probably obsessed with them more than I should be.


Not pictured: shower stall to the left. Caught on camera: a 20-week baby bump (I'm now at 22)!


To the left we have a small nightstand in front of another window & next to that is our closet (in case you were curious).

That mystery door leads to the master bathroom (mystery solved!). Also, no, our dresser isn't actually that brightly colored; photo editing fail.


Bathrooms are never too exciting to capture on camera, so one angle will do. However, not pictured is a little window on the left wall. On that windowsill I put a picture frame and some cute candle holders and candles. Just trust me - it's cute.

Not pictured: Hallway that connects Master Bedroom, Guest Bathroom, and Gabriel's Bedroom. Linen closet (found in hallway) and almost all the other closets.


This concludes our virtual apartment tour! Sometimes people question the authenticity of such home photographs published on the internet because things might look "too put together" or "too clean" to reflect the messes a normal family is sure to make. However, I'm being honest when I say that - most of the time - this really is what our place looks like (and I'm confident that my real-life friends and family would attest to it). Yes, throughout each day messes are made, toys get strewn about the floor, and sometimes piles of paper build up on the kitchen counter, but - for better or worse - my husband and I are both neat freaks and I'm a clean freak to boot! Gabriel is now old enough to help put his toys and books back where they belong and we make him do this every night at the start of his "bedtime routine." I could have taken pictures later in the day and shared our daily messes with you, but why bother if I can just as easily snap photos first thing in the morning before Gabriel goes to town creating obstacle courses? ;)

A large reason I like to keep our place so tidy is because it makes it easy to host friends or family at the drop of a hat (without me stressing out like the Martha I would otherwise surely turn into), sooo who wants to come visit?! I love getting the chance to entertain company!

"Home is the nicest word there is."
-Laura Ingalls Wilder


  1. I want to come visit!
    I love how spacious your place looks. Not stereotypical apartment at all!

    1. How fun would it be if you could come visit?! I'd love to have you over!

  2. Yes. It is that clean all the time. That's what happens when you have laundry machines and a dishwasher :-P Love you!!!

    1. Haha, SO true. It wouldn't be nearly this clean without those things, that's for sure.