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Aloha Oahu: A Waikiki Wedding


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Not only was February 17th Mardi Gras and the day we visited Pearl Harbor, but that evening was my sister-in-law's wedding. :)

Michael's sister is one of those people that's basically impossible to dislike; she's bubbly, fun, easy to talk to, thoughtful, and an all-around sweetheart. In addition, she's a brilliant, hard-working doctor currently rocking her way through residency as a neurologist. She is Michael's only sibling and in school she was only one year behind him, so they've always had a strong brother-and-sister bond throughout the years. We traveled over 5000 miles to attend her wedding, which was incredibly worth it to be there on such an important day. I'm so grateful we could make the journey (and that my mom could take care of Gabriel all week long)!

The actual wedding took place on the beach, but prior to the ceremony we all met up at the chapel located in the resort where the bride and groom were staying. After making sure everyone had their flowers (which smelled heavenly, by the way) and taking lots of family photos, we all walked to the spot where the wedding would be.

Waiting for the bride to arrive!
Michael's family
That lei made our hotel room smell divine for the remainder of our trip

The ceremony was short and simple, but very sweet all the same. Michael and I led the procession down the "aisle", followed by the groom's parents, the mother of the bride, and ultimately the beautiful bride escorted by her father. The officiant spoke about matrimony and the two of them coming together as one family, rings and vows were exchanged, they kissed, and before too long they were introduced for the first time as man and wife. While we listened and watched we were immersed in the happiness Hawaii brings - with its radiant sunshine, soft sand, and shiningly blue waters; the bride and groom even had a picturesque view of Diamond Head Crater throughout the entire ceremony. 

Just married!
Brand-newly wed!
Smiles all around
Capturing details; what a gorgeous bride!
The Mr. and Dr. ;)
Brother and sister :)

After taking photos, we all headed back to our hotels to change out of our wedding attire per the bride and groom's request. We then gathered together once again for a relaxed, classy (and delicious) dinner as we celebrated the happy couple. The private room they gave us had a lovely view of sunset on the beach where the wedding had taken place, complete with doors that we could keep open if we wanted to hear the waves and feel the ocean breeze.

Something I loved about Hawaii was its abundance of REAL,
fresh flowers everywhere we went
Michael's dinner: filet mignon and lobster tail

This Mardi Gras we were blessed to experience beautiful island weather, delicious food, great company, and a most joyful occasion to celebrate with loved ones on this final "hurrah" before Lent began. Honestly, it doesn't get much better than that. 

"Who, being loved, is poor?" 
-Oscar Wilde


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