Thursday, April 16, 2015

Easter Sunday 2015


After surviving Gabriel's first stomach bug that hit during the Holy Triduum, we were so looking forward to getting out of the house, celebrating, and spending quality time with family on Easter Sunday.

Christos Anesti! On our way out the door to church

When we rolled up at our parish for the 9am Easter Sunday mass at about 8:58am I knew that finding a seat would be a struggle - but there was basically no way we could have made it sooner with our toddler in tow. Thankfully, at 31.5 weeks pregnant I stood out amidst the crowd of others standing around the back of the church so that when an usher found a seat for 3 it was promptly offered to us. Honestly, I feel bad that so many people who arrived well before us had to stand...but aside from my semi-crazy and ambitious third-trimester decision to wear heels (yes...heels!) to church that day I'm no fool. So we gratefully accepted everyone's kind gesture and found ourselves with a wonderful view from the second pew.

After mass we breezed through the city so we could caravan with my sister and her family to my brother-in-law's parents' house in Rhode Island. Upon arriving Gabriel and his cousins were all gifted adorable little Easter baskets; even though we didn't let Gabriel eat the candy that day out of fear the sugar could upset his just-recovered-tummy, I thought it was a very considerate gesture on my brother-in-law's parents' part to include him along with their grandchildren (my sister's kids). I thought they were kind enough simply to invite Michael and me (considering I'm the sister of their daughter-in-law), so the candy gifts were just added icing on the cake, so to speak.

Chocolate bunny on the left for Michael & me, Easter basket for Gabriel on the right

The remainder of the morning and afternoon were spent leisurely enjoying each other's company as the men hid the dyed Easter eggs in the yard, the children had fun hunting them down, we ate delicious food and drank good wine, and (of course) enjoyed some Easter treats.

Look who collected SIX eggs on his first-ever Easter egg hunt!

Even though most of my family is spread out geographically, times like this past Easter make me so grateful that our most recent move brought us closer to some very important loved ones. To be able to celebrate with one of my sisters and her beautiful family (including all of Gabriel's cousins thus far!) is a huge blessing that I aim not to take for granted for one second.

Gabriel happily hugging his aunt & Godmother

All the Easter excitement kept Gabriel from napping despite our best efforts, so we decided to head back north towards the end of the afternoon. In a huge way this was a blessing in disguise because the timing of our departure from family was just enough to get us back home before the unthinkable happened: within 5 minutes of walking through the front door Michael and I simultaneously got hit with Gabriel's stomach virus. But let's not dwell on that misery right now....

My favorite family photo of the day

Getting hit with a stomach virus was not a fun way to end such a joyful day, but I'm pleased that everyone was well enough to partake in the festivities. Easter Sunday 2015 was basically the calm before the continuation of the storm we thought had already passed us by...but for that radiant break amidst the clouds of illness surrounding our household I am very thankful.

Although the Easter octave has already passed us by, we are still knee-deep in the 50 days of this Easter Happy Easter! May your families be blessed by these joyful days of immense mercy and hope.

“Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.”

-Pope Saint John Paul II

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