Friday, May 8, 2015

A Happy Day


Do you ever have one of those days that is just really really good?

Last Friday my husband and I were blessed to have my sister babysit Gabriel so we could go on a nice dinner date; unfortunately, Michael was battling a cold and felt miserable most of the evening which means we didn't exactly have the most pleasant date night experience. I felt pretty bummed that what seemed like one of our final opportunities to go on a date before our second baby is born wasn't the fruitful evening I had envisioned it to be - but you would think by now I would know better that we are not in control of such things. Thankfully, God's plans are usually better.

Date night was a bit of a bust, but never in a million years could I have imagined how beautiful the very next day would be.

Last Saturday morning we had plans to check out an event that claimed to be one of the biggest and best consignment sales in the region for new and gently-used baby and children's items. We didn't have anywhere else to be all day, so we figured it couldn't hurt to scope it out. In the end, we didn't find anything we needed for the baby, but we scored some great toys for Gabriel - a couple of which we've hidden away to give to him when his baby brother arrives.

Waiting in line to purchase G some toys!

It was a laid-back morning with gorgeous weather, so upon leaving the consignment sale we decided to explore a little bit. We're still new to the Boston area and the sale had taken us on a journey to a new place so we were curious to see what else was nearby.

Any words I might string together to describe the glorious day that followed will certainly fail to paint the full picture - which is why all I can really say is that it was just a beautiful, blessed, happy day for us.

We didn't do anything monumental; we went for a drive that took us to a small town, enjoyed a delicious lunch at a local market, and generally had fun as we took self-guided driving tours of some neighborhoods and state parks of interest on our route home. We took our time, didn't worry about getting home for Gabriel's nap, and just let him fall asleep in the car as I soaked in the sunshine and sights with my husband.

Breathtaking Catholic Church we found on our drive

My favorite part of the day took place at the mom and pop's market we visited for lunch. As soon as we walked inside I just knew we were in for a treat because we found ourselves in what was a farm, market, cafe, and ice cream shop all in one - wrapped up in the quaintest package of a renovated and adorably decorated barn. This Indiana girl was in heaven! Everything about that place just made my Midwestern husband and myself feel so very happy and at home.

About to order the most delicious lunches for ourselves

The food was fresh and delicious and even Gabriel, who still usually won't eat the majority of what we try to give him, eagerly devoured most of his PB & J and drank chocolate milk while chair-dancing his entire way throughout the meal (he does the cutest side-to-side happy dance when he's particularly pleased with a food).

At one point my husband looked at me during lunch and said, "I don't know what it is, but I just feel really happy right now."  I quickly nodded in agreement while I sat there somewhat stunned at what I had just heard - because the sentiment he shared was typically one that I would be more willing to speak out loud. If my husband was talking that way then I knew that it wasn't just me; he really felt everything I was feeling and somehow our entire little family just seemed to be basking in the goodness of God's simple blessings and was gifted an awareness of those blessings all at the same time.

We followed up our lunches with some ice cream enjoyed outside in the sunshine and the rest is history. The day just continued to be so good - even when Gabriel poured chocolate milk all down his front (on the one day I didn't bring a bib) or I struggled to change the nastiest diaper in the backseat of our car. None of the little things that easily could have ruined our day ever managed to bring us down, which I attribute entirely to graces the Lord must have given us. To top it off, that evening we ate one of Michael's favorite Korean meals at home thanks to the ingredients we had snagged at the closest H-Mart when we were on our date the night before.
I don't always feel the Lord's presence so strongly in our daily lives, but every once in awhile He allows Michael and me (and even little Gabriel!) to feel it and bask in it together all day long - and those are just the happiest days of all.

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness...."
Galatians 5:22


  1. Those types of days are beautiful! It sounds unexpected, after a date night that didn't turn out exactly how you wanted. Glad you got to experience that great day with your little family. :-) God is good!

  2. Sweet, sweet memories for your little family. :)