Thursday, September 10, 2015

Welcome to the Fold


...also known as "Peter's baptism!"

On Sunday, July 12, 2015 we proudly and officially welcomed our baby boy into the Catholic Church!

Admittedly, I was a little bit worried about how everything would pan out because our parish only offers baptisms at a 1pm ceremony (instead of during a Mass or even after a morning Mass). One o'clock is Gabriel's nap time and everyone was quite toasty in our non-air-conditioned church on an almost 90-degree day - so you can probably understand my trepidation. Yes, Gabriel did get much fussier than he normally is in church and I was secretly thinking it was silly of me to wear my long hair down as I struggled to keep cool, but those things are of no real importance in the grand scheme of things.

I was surprised (and impressed) that Peter slept like an angel (assuming angels sleep peacefully and hard) throughout the entire baptism ceremony, barely stirring as he had water poured over his little forehead three times. I don't think he even noticed having the sign of the cross traced upon him or having chrism oil rubbed on his forehead - but what's important is that those things happened.

Back when we asked my younger sister and my friend to be Peter's Godparents we had no idea if either of them would be able to travel and actually attend the baptism, so I'm incredibly happy to report that they were both with us for the weekend!

My sister stayed at my other sister's house (they recently purchased their home and moved literally 3 minutes down the street from us in early July!) and Peter's Godfather stayed with us. I wasn't entirely sure how much quality time we'd have with everyone since the Godparents were staying two different places, but everything about the weekend showed me how silly my unspoken worries were and how utterly in control the Lord is. We were blessed with ample time to catch up with everyone and everything went off without a hitch.

It's really an amazing thing to have my older sister and her family living down the street from us. To be able to share in one another's big life moments and milestones without having to travel across the country is a cherished gift (especially after how many places we have lived - not near any family - in the past few years). To have them in attendance along with both the Godparents made for a happy group with which to celebrate and eat cake afterwards.

Truly, everything about the entire weekend was beautiful and we found ourselves surrounded by loved ones as we celebrated Peter's first Sacrament. I could not have asked for a better weekend and I'm so thankful for the gift of faithful family and friends.

But Jesus said, "Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."
Matthew 19:14


  1. oh i hear you about non-AC churches... ours is super HOTTTTTTTT in the summer. please pray that our campaign gets finalized and people will pledge. We are halfway there... then the AC installations, church and mosaic restoration etc will commence :)

    Happy Baptism little Peter.

    1. I will definitely say some prayers for your parish! I always strive to cover my shoulders in church, but the lack of AC makes it incredibly difficult sometimes (most of my summer clothes I can nurse in are sleeveless) because if I wear something as a top layer I seriously verge on passing out. No fun! But then again I suppose I can just offer it all up. :P ;)

    2. you are more modest than me.... with summer + no AC and breastfeeding, i end up wearing dresses that are strapless (yikes) and I do feel uneasy about it.... I am not 15 anymore lol.... I still wear sleeveless or strapless dresses to Mass but less often than before. I cannot wait to have AC and actually wear a cardi over those dresses. I did it before and yes, I was sweating bullets and almost passsed out. :(