Thursday, January 7, 2016

October Family Fun


Apparently it's 2016 already, but you wouldn't know it from the blog! My blogging habit fell by the wayside those last few months of 2015 as I continued adjusting to life with two little ones and juggled the busyness that always seems to propel us from October to January in the blink of an eye.

Lest I become overwhelmed at the prospect of jumping back in, I'm going to start small. Here's a brief, mostly visual recap of our lives in the month of October!

Michael turned 30! But that's all I will say for now, because my husband's birthday deserves a complete write-up of its own. Stay tuned....

I dove deeper into the "crunchy", refreshing world of non-toxic products when I hosted an Ava Anderson hour. Don't worry, there will surely be some more detailed posts forthcoming on this topic as well!

We visited a farm, picked pumpkins (only my favorite fall activity), and painted them. Gabriel even surprised us by requesting a pony ride and bravely (and excitedly) following through with it.
Ridiculously excited for our farm adventure!
Babywearing and diaper bag backpack FTW
When retelling this story he never leaves out the part
about wearing a black helmet!

I just can't even tell you how proud of and happy for my little boy I was as I witnessed him ride that horse. When he first spotted the ponies and declared, "You ride horse!" (his pronouns have come a long way since then) I seriously doubted that he would actually want to...but he patiently waited and waited, never wavering. 

We used our time in line to explain over and over (in excited voices) exactly what would happen - wearing the helmet, getting to sit up high, and going around in circles. It didn't even matter that parents weren't allowed in the ring because by the time it was his turn he eagerly took the girl's hand, followed their instructions to hold on tight, and around they went! 

When they took him off he ran toward us with the biggest grin, telling us how he rode the black horse - and I just couldn't believe how amazingly well he handled every single part of it! If you know me in person you have probably heard the frustrating story involving some rude/thoughtless dog owners that traumatized him back in the spring; it has taken months and months of positive interactions with animals to prevent him from getting hysterical at the first sight of large animals (dogs especially), so I truly thought he would back out of the pony ride once we got closer and saw its true size. After all, that was a big pony - am I right?? Yet, he wasn't daunted in the least. 

As my brave boy rode, his face was filled with pure, unbridled joy! He still manages to surprise us in such happy ways every single day...and my heart is still so full even as I recall this memory nearly three months later.

In the spirit of jumping back into brief descriptions of highlights, here are our finished pumpkins:

Gabriel was old enough to paint his own this year <3

We spent part of Halloween weekend hosting, catching up with, and playing tour guide to some dear friends from our time in Pennsylvania.

Our friends don't get to visit Boston without seeing the infamous ducks
Confession time: I get so much joy from surreptitiously photographing sweet moments
like this for my family and friends

Halloween evening we took the kids trick-or-treating in my sister's neighborhood with her family and some friends. Unfortunately I don't have any good pictures of Michael's and my Clark Kent and Lois Lane costumes, but check out these cuties dressed as literary brothers Owen and Bumblebee Boy!
Peter watches in fascination as Gabriel eats a chocolate,
probably wishing he could get in on that action - which is
PERFECT if you know the story/characters

In addition, I seem to remember there was a whole lot of this:

Gabriel and one of his cousins playing in a giant pile of leaves

And I enjoyed witnessing several endearing, brotherly moments likes this:

No, Peter can't really swing yet. I just let him hang there for a couple minutes -
but look at that head control! ;)

And this:

And, of course, I spent a good portion of the month reflecting on how unreasonably adorable I find my children to be when donning cold-weather hats. Photographic evidence right here:

And that's the gist of what we did throughout the month of October! I hope yours was equally blessed with fun family memories. And although I'm late to the party, Happy New Year to you and yours!

"Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you'll look back and realize they were the big things."