Monday, January 30, 2017

"One Word" for 2017


Earlier this month my husband and I were discussing how people sometimes choose a word to focus on for the new year and we agreed that 2017 is a year for us to REVIVE.

Living in 5 states in our 4 years of marriage was a choice we made for Michael's career and for a long time it was worth the sacrifices we made...but there were many sacrifices.

Starting over and over and over and over and over with homes, churches, friends, grocery stores, parks, libraries, doctors, and everything in between is not for the faint of heart, nor could any of it have been possible for us without the grace of God. Doing all of this as newlyweds (with 2 little ones!) and feeling increasingly (and sometimes overwhelmingly) out of place the further we got from the Midwest certainly took its toll on us, often in subtle ways that we didn't fully realize until putting down roots. Now that we are done moving and here in this place we feel like we can (and should) get back to feeling like our normal selves. To reawaken all those things we necessarily tucked away in order to focus our efforts on all the daily tasks we had to do when starting over so often.

Anyway. All this is just to say I'm really happy to finally be in a place that allows me to be more fully myself. It sounds ridiculous, but in all those whirlwind years of moving I guess I lost/changed/forgot so many of my creative outlets (this poor blog included!) that I didn't completely realize it until we settled here and I surprisingly found myself doing creative things again. Like, penning this pretty birthday mail to my super artistic little sister!

Before moving here I literally never would have thought to lookup a calligraphy font online and it. My creative little sis actually inspired me to do that after she visited us for Christmas, but I'm certain I would never have actually done it previously.

So here is to a year of REVIVAL. Of rediscovering all those little (and some big) parts of Michael and me that people never had the time to discover or that we couldn't allow ourselves to be in order to survive those years of moving. Here is to reviving our truest selves, no longer merely surviving, but thriving.

Happy New Year!