Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Rosalie: 5 Months


This week our little Rosalie Elisabeth is officially 5 months old!

So much has happened in this relatively short time frame, including in recent weeks since I last shared any updates here. Almost 3 weeks ago Rosalie underwent her 4th brain surgery - this time due to a shunt malfunction. This means we've now experienced a shunt infection, needing to urgently reprogram her shunt valve to a new setting, and a shunt malfunction. Basically every major shunt complication there is....

Long story short, she is now on her 3rd shunt, has recovered well, and is thriving. It's obvious that life is so much more comfortable for her since her last surgery - and she even began having giggle fits just a few days post-op which is one of the happiest sights and sounds in the world. :) At this point we are hoping and praying that this new shunt will remain infection-free (shunt infections commonly occur 1-3 months after surgery, but are possible up to 6 months post-op) and that it will function well for a very, very, very long time. Forever, if possible. 

Someday we WILL be able to celebrate something longer than a "2 month shuntiversary." Hopefully with this one. ;)

5 months old!

Truthfully I cannot fully convey what these past 5 months have been for us. We have learned much - about ourselves, hydrocephalus, hospitals, being fierce advocates for our child, being parents to a child born with a medical condition/special needs, and of course as much as we can about our beautiful daughter.

We have worked diligently and tirelessly in the day-to-day to ensure the best for her development (and the wellness of our entire family) and have loved deeply. Oh, how we have loved.... And been grateful. And tired. And sad. And completely joyful. And hopeful. And discouraged. And encouraged and uplifted. And strong, as we have worked through our weaknesses and trusted everything over to Him.

We have felt and experienced so much more than all this, but the one thing we have never been is lost. Because more than anything, we have trusted in and felt the Lord's presence. We have seen His miraculous hands at work! We have been enveloped by His goodness all around us. Even when we have struggled we have never felt true despair, and that is the power of His love. He has been steadfast and true; He has carried us through what can only be described as a refining fire. 

I cannot wait to see the many fruits of what He has planted by gifting our family with this precious child over the months and years to come. Because this cherished little girl is such an amazing gift. 

We love you more than words can express, Rosalie. You are a fierce, strong hydro warrior but that is only one part of your story; no doubt the Lord has BIG plans for your life because you're already inspiring people around the globe. Thank you for lighting our path and filling this journey as your parents with such indescribable joy.

"We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose."
Romans 8:28