Tuesday, March 13, 2018

90 Years Young!


Happy birthday to my beloved grandmother, who turns 90 years young today! 

Brian Powell Photography.

Some of you that have been following the blog for awhile will recognize her from her visit during last summer's solar eclipse, our most recent professional family photos, etc.

I'll never forget when, during our wedding rehearsal dinner, Michael's family asked my grandma how old she was. At the time she was taken aback (because you never ask a lady her age, right?), but since then she has come to learn and understand that in Korean and Chinese cultures being the oldest person in the room is a great honor that earns you respect; elders are always recognized for their wisdom and treated accordingly.

My grandma chatting with Michael's mom and grandmother at our rehearsal dinner. Brian Powell Photography.

Ever since then I have slowly seen my grandma begin proudly "owning" her age, to the point where she now joyfully proclaims that she is "____ years young" to family, friends, and strangers alike!

Often people marvel at my grandmother, because although she has all the knowledge and wisdom of a 90 year old woman, she has the energy and spirit of someone much, much younger (she even sends text messages)! Whenever she shares her age with them I can sense that people are simply in awe. Many have asked her what her "secret" is, to which she joyfully shares what is not actually a secret at all: that she loves and personally knows the Lord, that her friends and we (her family) keep her young, that she takes vitamins, and gets "a little help from [her] friend, Estee Lauder."

Every single one of my friends that has met my Dear Ma (a family nickname that began with her grandmother - my great-great-grandmother and the original owner of the diamond in my engagement ring) remembers her with glee because she never fails to delight them with her lighthearted joy, sincere enthusiasm, and spunk. And for those of you that haven't met her but have had the pleasure of meeting my younger sister, well, then you've caught a glimpse of Dear Ma's heart and personality - because it has become obvious to all in my family as my sisters and I grew into adults that my little sister and Dear Ma are kindred spirit sisters...right down to the way they both adore butterflies more than anyone else I've met.

Brian Powell Photography.

Right now my mom, older sister, nieces, aunt, and uncle are in Kentucky celebrating her birthday with her and I'm bummed that I cannot be with them - but the plan is to have a big family celebration this summer which I am very much looking forward to! I cannot wait to officially introduce my grandma to our sweet baby girl, Rosalie; Dear Ma is arguably the biggest prayer warrior I know and she has been holding Rosalie in her daily thoughts and prayers for many, many months (in addition to getting hundreds of others praying through her numerous prayer chain connections!).

These days Dear Ma is my only living grandparent and I'm truly blessed to have been able to share so many years getting to know her, especially as an adult and now wife and mother. My entire family has always been a huge support to Michael and me, but Dear Ma has been a special source of encouragement and affirmation in our lives with every one of Michael's job/client changes and our moves - and I would even venture to say that she may have shared equally in our excitement and happiness when we decided to plant roots in North Carolina. We couldn't have asked for a better prayer support or cheerleader throughout our first 5 years of marriage (and babies).

Happy birthday, Dear Ma! Your family in North Carolina loves you, misses you, and cannot wait to celebrate in person with you soon!

Walking Dot Photography.

Walking Dot Photography.

"Grandparents are a delightful blend of laughter, caring deeds, wonderful stories, and love!"