The Nest

This is simply a way for me to keep track of all the places we've lived since beginning our married lives in September 2012. Until setting down roots in October 2016, my engineer husband's job as an independent consultant kept us always on the go, so this should be fun to look back on in future years. :) Want to see our various homes? Check out the links below!

October 2012-July 2013

Our Abode: Palm Beach County, Florida
July 2013-January 2014

Our Abode: Philadelphia Suburbs, Pennsylvania
January-December 2014

Our Abode: Boston Suburbs, Massachusetts
December 2014-November 2015

Coming (not so) soon!
Our Abode: Boston Suburbs (round 2), Massachusetts
November 2015-October 2016


Our Abode: North Carolina
October 2016-forever&everAmen.

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