Thursday, December 6, 2012

Song of Solomon 3:4


The beautiful thing about life and God's will for us is that it evolves. He does not forever keep us in one place emotionally nor (in some cases) even surround us with the same friends, career, or place of residence. For if that were the case it would be easy to remain stagnant spiritually...and we know a sincere relationship with Him requires constant effort and growth on our part(s).

Many of my friends and family members struggle with this concept because it's simpler and more comfortable to remain with the familiar. When God brings new things or a need for change in our lives, many cling frantically to what they have known before (friendships, jobs, roles within their families or other relationships) because the thought of such drastic change, to some, is terrifying. If we are not entirely focused on the Lord, the thought that we are not in control can bring about anxious, worried thoughts. I admit that there are times in my life when it was hard to let go...but when we let go, we let God.

As someone who tends to be a complete control freak and desires things to be clean, organized, and efficient, I frequently send prayers up for peace, humility, and to let go and let God lead me. He knows my path far better than I could ever imagine for myself.

More than ever before, I'd say that the last two years or so of my life have been one, big, constant prayer of letting go and committing myself to trust in and follow the Lord into the world, wherever He would have me go. I began my previous blog, I'll follow You into the world, two years ago when I was preparing to graduate college and go out into the "real" world where God would put me. That blog has chronicled many of my thoughts, encounters with Christ, God-incidences, and experiences as I graduated college, began and completed a year of volunteer service in Chicago, and met, dated, became engaged to, and married my husband. Wow! How much can happen in two short years! When I started that blog I had no idea where I was headed other than to surrender wholly to God's path for me. In surrendering, following, and constantly praying He blessed me beyond measure and revealed to me my vocation. I cannot give enough thanks, praise, and gratitude to Him, our Mother Mary, all of the Saints who lifted up my prayers, or the experiences and people He brought into my life throughout the past several years, but especially the last two when I began discerning more seriously and fervently than ever before.

Now that I have found my vocation and taken vows everything has changed....and for that I am not worried or fearful, but am overflowing with joy! Surely I will continue to "follow Him into the world" the rest of my days (for that is the ultimate goal), but in many ways I have found a new place in which I'm supposed to be - which brings with it new focus, new prayers, and an exciting new path. As I embark on this journey to live out my vocation I feel it is only appropriate to bring closure to my former blog and begin this next one with the freshly discovered focus, priorities, and prayer intentions that only a Sacramental marriage can bring.

"I found him whom my soul loves"
Song of Solomon 3:4


  1. This is so exciting!

    I am a brand new follower to your blog and have quickly visited your old blog. I can't wait to read your journey as a newly married woman.


    1. Wow, I am honored! It's always nice to have new followers. :)


  2. it's crazy to think you've found your vocation...and taken vows!! that's so awesome. i'm constantly talking with friends who are discerning married life or religious it's refreshing to hear from someone who's already living their permanent big V vocation!