Friday, February 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 1)


--- 1 ---
I'm not generally good at being "quick" with my words. Usually I'm pretty wordy which is a huge reason I've never done Jen's Quick Takes link-up over at Conversion Diary in my 2+ years of blogging, so we'll see how this goes.

--- 2 ---
It may sound odd, but ever since about week 7 of my pregnancy I've been eagerly awaiting the day that I'm "showing" enough for strangers to notice. Perhaps I'll be eating those words later on when I'm massive, but at 14 weeks I'm so borderline when it comes to anyone seeing anything that I'd rather just get over that line already. Really I just want strangers to know so I don't feel like a jerk when I take the last chair in a waiting area because I'm tired, short of breath, my uterus is painfully stretching, or my back is aching from learning to sleep on my sides all night.

--- 3 ---
Speaking of sleeping on my sides all night: the pregnancy pillow I ordered from Amazon arrived yesterday in the mail! I debated whether I should spend money to get an official "pregnancy" pillow instead of a normal body pillow, but after one night I'm convinced I made the right choice for myself. Even though I'm only 14 weeks, this week was especially painful around my neck and shoulders and I even pinched a nerve 2 nights what I'm trying to say is that this pillow is one of the biggest and most welcomed highlights of my week!

I understand now why this woman looks soooo happy

--- 4 ---
Michael and I didn't go over the top for Valentine's Day or anything, but considering it was our first one as a married couple we opted at the last minute to skip our workout & go out to dinner. Thankfully we decided this early enough that we didn't have to wait for an hour when we arrived at Macaroni Grill (we naively thought it wouldn't be that busy because it's a chain, it isn't super fancy, and it wasn't the dinner rush time yet...but that place was packed).

--- 5 ---
Macaroni Grill has, hands down, the best customer service out of any restaurant we've been to in Ann Arbor (which is kind of pitiful for all the local places we've tried in this "food town" because most people usually assume the local places are where it's at...but that's not been our experience here).

Not to mention, Macaroni Grill has a beautiful ambiance without
being too dressy or insanely expensive

--- 6 ---
The main reason I'm raving about Macaroni Grill is because it can be really difficult to eat out when you're pregnant (and we usually don't), but for the first time ever a waitress was super helpful to me in this area! I asked if there was a cheese in the lobster ravioli and she double checked with the manager out on the floor; it turned out that yes, there was a combination of cheeses inside - which of course included soft cheeses. The manager actually asked if I had a specific food allergy (no one else has asked this at all when I've asked them weird questions about their menus) so I explained that I'm pregnant and can't eat soft cheeses. The manager and waitress were SO nice and congratulatory and the waitress recommended a delicious dish that was safe for me to eat.

--- 7 ---
My favorite quote of the week happened when Michael and I were talking on g-chat yesterday (he was at work) and he asked if the mini-trip we planned to Chicago next weekend could be his Valentine's Day present to me. After I replied he said, "We are the perfect couple. You ask for nothing and I want to give you everything." ...Yes, he's the best.


  1. I've heard that those pregnancy pillows are amazing! Filing this tidbit away for when I need one in the future :) My husband and I didn't brave the crowds this Valentine's Day so I just made dinner at home, but Macaroni Grill sounds delish (sorry about the cheese though)! Also, your last Quick Take made my heart melt...

    1. I am definitely glad I sucked it up and got an actual pregnancy pillow! I know some people say they do just fine with a normal body pillow or extra pillows, but this one gives me much better back support. :) Quick Take #7 melts my heart every time I read it, too. <3 Thank you for reading! It's always fun to have comments from new people on my blog!