Friday, February 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 2)


--- 1 ---
In last week's Quick Takes I failed to mention anything about the Holy Father resigning. This is mainly because I had already written an entire post about it, but this week I'd like to share this quote with you that George Weigel said in this article found at the National Catholic Register:

"I do think it’s important to put one myth to rest, though: Benedict XVI did not renounce the office of Peter because he couldn’t take it any more. He renounced the chair because he judged, in conscience, that he could not give the Church the leadership it needed and deserved, given his own diminished strength. That’s an act of self-abasement and humility, not a concession to exhaustion."

That's pretty much everything I tried to say in my post on the topic, but is far more eloquent.

--- 2 ---
While I have some serious qualms about the poor conditions of Michigan roads and driver skills (did you know you can renew your license here without taking any sort of driving test as long as your license hasn't been expired for more than four years?!), I will say that Ann Arbor has been very good to us. Not only do we have a seriously fantastic church here, but there are also multiple outlet malls within 30 minutes of us. Yes, multiple. Now before I sound like a shopaholic let me clarify: to someone who did a year of volunteer service leading up to my recent marriage I can totally appreciate outlet mall prices and never having to buy things at full/original prices.

A photo of our church - clearly taken last summer
and not this winter

--- 3 ---
So why am I bragging about Ann Arbor's access to multiple outlet malls? Really just because we went to one this week when I was looking for a smaller, over-the-shoulder purse. Much to my surprise, we found a purse and wallet for an amazing sale price from...Coach! What? Yeah, I know. Typically when I think of thrifty purchases my mind doesn't even come up with the word "Coach," nor have I ever before purchased any of their products...but I suppose there is a first time for everything!

--- 4 ---
I'd also like to add that I think my husband had just as much fun as I did (if not more) scouring the entire Coach outlet store for the perfect purse and wallet combination. In fact, he found a few of the purses I considered...and I'm very picky about any item I'd carry around with me all day. I'd never seen Michael in action in a purse store before because we've never really gone to one together. In short, my man has good taste and fashion sense and I couldn't help but feel thoroughly impressed.

--- 5 ---
Speaking of purses: I'm going to live it up and enjoy this one until my everyday purse will become a diaper bag in less than 6 months. Does anybody have suggestions for great diaper bags??? I'd like something that's completely practical without looking entirely like a diaper bag. I certainly don't need anything that's designer - just something that's stylish you can find for a decent price. I haven't even started looking yet, but I'm all ears!

--- 6 ---
Originally Michael and I had our eyes set on planning a European vacation for our 1-year anniversary...but considering that would be the month after our baby is born that simply isn't happening anymore and that's okay. However, we've decided instead to take a few weekend trips here in the States before the baby comes so we can say we've done some exploring together before it gets more difficult to travel. So if I successfully post this pre-written entry on Friday that means I managed to do so from Michael's smartphone while we are off having adventures in Chicago for the weekend (or I just posted it Monday morning but made it look like I posted it Friday)! I lived here as I completed my year of service but there were a couple museums we wanted to finish off, a few friends to see, and you'd better believe we'll be eating in Chinatown (on Saturday because it's Lent, of course) like we used to last year when he would visit. Yumm.

--- 7 ---
Although I've had a pretty great week, this video clip made it amazing!!! If you are Catholic you'll definitely appreciate this 5-min. segment in which Steven Colbert defends the Real Presence of the Eucharist while interviewing the author of what sounds to be a pretty ridiculous book. Seriously, this guy is about to get owned by Steven Colbert's Catholic faith and knowledge. I apologize in advance that you have to watch an ad & for the fact that I don't think Hulu will allow anyone outside the U.S. to play embedded clips (the episode is from Feb. 11, 2013 if you want to try finding it). Check it out and may you have a blessed weekend!

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  1. VERA BRADLEY DIAPER BAG!!! you can get them for great prices at the outlet sale in april (or when colors go on sale online)...that my mom is going to...i'd be happy to have her get you one. but i'd probably want to pick out my own pattern and stuff.

    they have several styles! totes/cross body/backpacks've got to watch the entire clip from colbert! i respected colbert before but when he owned willis you can tell he is well catechized and believes what he's slamming willis with!

    1. Interesting - I hadn't thought of Vera Bradley. Honestly I've never been that into her designs but I'll certainly check them out!

      I watched the episode, too. :) Did you know Steven Colbert has taught confirmation classes at his parish? Could you imagine having learned catechism from him in high school?!

  2. I liked his last bit - where do you go from here? Do you go to the Barnes and Noble in Hell? I can't believe that Garry Wills can even sell that tripe and call himself a Catholic...I am astounded! (wonder what he got the Pulitzer Prize for?)