Friday, March 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 5)


--- 1 ---
Habemus Papam! We have a pope! I find the Pope's choice of name to have excellent significance in today's materialistic world. Has anyone else noticed that he also chose the name of a Saint whom Jesus instructed to "go out and build up my house, for it is nearly falling down"? Very powerful. And I am so grateful not only to have Pope Francis shepherding us, but also to have Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI praying for us. What a double whammy of goodness I'm sure the devil just haaates!

--- 2 ---
Did you know that running shoes are actually not that great for doing lots of walking? In order to prevent our feet from aching and slowing us down on our trip to Canada (after experiencing sore feet on our excursions to both D.C. and Chicago), Michael and I simply planned to wear our tennis shoes the entire time (makes sense, right? Wear the most comfortable shoes you have). Wrong. After experiencing terrible soreness I found some research that explained exactly why this is the wrong assumption to make (and why my mid-distance running shoes made my shins hurt on top of everything else). As a Fitness Specialist I should have realized this much sooner.

--- 3 ---
My new walking shoes, which will hopefully treat me well
throughout this pregnancy and beyond

So after 3 weekend excursions of sore feet slowing us down we finally acknowledged we need to get some real walking shoes. While Michael has opted to simply try getting some orthodic inserts, we agreed that due to my pregnancy I needed to get some really comfortable shoes - without laces. After hours of research and making several trips to try on and compare shoes, I am happy to have purchased the Merrell Lorelei Zip! We managed to find them at a great sale price and I am already in love with them! Do any of you have excellent shoe/sandal suggestions for this upcoming summer as I approach our August baby's due date???

--- 4 ---
I cannot wait to try out my new shoes as we do some more city walking in Boston! Michael got to introduce me to Niagara Falls and Toronto so now it's my turn to introduce him to a city I love. I am beyond pumped because this trip (one of our last few before I get huge and the baby comes!) means we'll be staying with my sister, brother-in-law, and 2 adorable nieces (both under the age of 3) in Cambridge. They stayed on the east coast for Christmas which means we haven't seen them since our wedding in September! We'll be there in one.more.week and I'm already dying with excitement.

--- 5 ---
Remember how I said I couldn't wait for the day strangers will be able to tell that I'm pregnant? That time has finally arrived and I can see strangers now glancing at my belly and noticing. Somewhere near 18.5/almost 19 weeks I believe I officially "popped," as they say. Plus, we ate out while we were running around to a million shoe stores the other night and our waitress flat out commented and congratulated us. She even correctly guessed that I was probably 4 or 5 months along & would be able to tell the sex of the baby within a couple weeks. :D She got a very good tip....

--- 6 ---
Speaking of our excellent waitress, Michael and I have agreed that Bagger Dave's (a Michigan chain) is tied with Macaroni Grill (remember my Valentine's Day experience?) for the best food and customer service we've experienced in Ann Arbor - hands down. We marvel at the fact that this "food town" has so few local restaurants that actually wow us with their service and/or their food (my husband comes from a family of restaurant owners so he is quite knowledgeable & critical when evaluating food). While they may be chain restaurants, they are the only ones we've had truly great experiences at (and are the only ones we've returned to a few times). I really don't like eating out a lot and don't generally promote it, but if you get a chance - try Bagger Dave's (they have far more than burgers) and Macaroni Grill!

--- 7 ---
In honor of Saint Patrick's Day (and my husband's confirmation Saint!) I will leave you with this gem from my childhood days of watching Lord of the Dance on VHS while my mother swooned over Michael Flatley:

Don't forget to wear your Catholic green on Sunday! And please drink a Guinness, Killian's, Harp, or at the very least a green beer in my name since I clearly won't be enjoying such a drink this St. Patrick's Day. As always - for more Quick Takes head over to Jen's blog!


  1. Love that touch of Riverdance...I loved when I saw it live!

    My husband and I really like Macaroni Grill too, there's one right by our apartment so that helps too...hopefully we can 'meet' soon at id 916. They also have small groups for men and women, the end of this month I'm visiting the ones for the married ladies :)

    1. Yes! We went last week & plan to try attending again in April. :)

  2. Oooh, those shoes look so comfortable! I have terrible ankles, so I might look into them for summers at work (I'm at a preschool and half of each pretty-day afternoon is spent on the playground. Either way, lots of time on my feet). God bless!

    1. They are seriously amazing! They're a bit pricey, but absolutely worth it because they're such great quality & are so comfortable -- plus, we found them at a store for 30% off so you never know what deal you may find!

  3. Leila Habra Miller
    March 12
    "We must pray to Jesus Christ that he may give us as the Head of his Church a man, less remarkable by his science and human prudence, than by his fervor and his zeal for the honor of God; a man, absolutely inaccessible to every intrigue, who is above all human respect." - St. Alphonsus Liguori

    Kathryn Kimball Holmstrom Sounds kind of like:
    Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio

    Jorge Mario Bergoglio: The archbishop of Buenos Aires is the Argentine-born son of an Italian railway worker. Seen as a compassionate conservative, he reportedly came in second during the 2005 balloting that ultimately elected Benedict XVI. The 76-year-old Jesuit prizes simplicity and humility and would encourage priests to do shoe-leather evangelization, his biographer says.
    March 12 at 10:14pm · Like

    Have to share this little exchange that happened earlier this week! Also, God bless you for adding the Michael Flatley and Jean Butler video! and, I wore SAS shoes all during my pregnancies - glad you found something comfortable - love you lots, your Mom