Monday, March 25, 2013

7 Quick Takes "Friday" (Vol. 6)


--- 1 ---
Yes, I know it's already Monday; I'm incredibly late on this post because we've been gone for a long weekend visiting my older sister, brother-in-law, and 2 darling nieces in Cambridge, Massachusetts! I hadn't seen them since the wedding almost 6 months ago which felt like a million zillion years. I missed them a lot.

--- 2 ---
I miss them again already. Seriously. After repeatedly telling my sister that she didn't want Aunt Steffie and Uncle Michael to leave, my oldest niece (who will be 3 in June!) quietly gave us seemingly very sad and bummed out goodbye hugs. I tried to give her a million kisses and tell her we would Skype to make her a bit happier, but on the inside I felt the same as her. As soon as we waved our goodbyes and hopped on the shuttle to our airport terminal I immediately teared up.

--- 3 ---
Pregnancy hormones make it even harder to say goodbye to people you love. I was contacted to see if I could babysit this Tuesday for the 4-month old (now 5-month old, rather!) twins I've been helping out with and I seriously considered turning it down simply because it might make me think of my soon-to-be 1 year old baby niece who I just spent 3 days with...which will probably make me cry again because I miss her.

(in case you're wondering, I sucked it up and decided I should go ahead and spend Tuesday morning with a couple adorable babies - even if they aren't my niece)

--- 4 ---
On a happier note, I returned to an email from one of my friends that shared this song from Matt Maher's new album:

Apparently a lot of traditional Catholics take issue with "Christian music" (even when the musician is clearly Catholic like Matt Maher or Audrey Assad). However, I am not one of those people. Obviously I would be against using contemporary "worship music" in the sacred liturgy of the Mass. But I have no problem listening to wholesome songs as I go about my day to day business. After all, the lyrics are only about a hundred times more holy than anything else on FM radio. And the biggest thing is that I enjoy listening to it and it makes me pause and remember my relationship with God (and to pray) throughout the day - which is what I think any good art should do for us. Thank you, Liz, for being a fellow "traditionalist" who can also appreciate and share your faith with me through music like this!

--- 5 ---
Speaking of holy radio listening options, here in Ann Arbor we have Ave Maria Radio (AM 990) which is awesome. As someone who grew up mainly in small Midwestern towns with incredibly limited radio reception options, I do not take this gem for granted one bit. I'm so grateful to be able to listen to this throughout the day and I must say that it's refreshing to hear news and radio talk shows that don't come from biased, secular NPR stations.

--- 6 ---
This made me laugh out loud for real:

Hooray for all the moms and dads of the world!

--- 7 ---
Please enjoy this brief video of Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. If I hadn't just returned from 3 days with my insanely cute nieces I would say it's the most endearing thing I've seen all week! Regardless, it's beautiful. If you need a photo to entice you to watch it, then please enjoy this also:

P.S. Today (traditionally the feast of the Annunciation - which due to Holy Week will be celebrated this year on April 8th) marks exactly 2 years since I first met Michael. At the time I had no idea we would ever date, let alone be married with a baby on the way less than two years later. God is good!

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  1. I have never seen that Matt Maher song before...I'm so excited because he is the main musician for the Steubenville conference I'm taking teens to this summer.
    Yay Ave Maria Radio, I love listening too! :)

    1. I loooove Matt Maher's music! I'm excited to hear his new album in its entirety. :) That's awesome that you'll be taking the youth group to Steubenville this summer! My younger sister may be attending grad school at Franciscan in the fall (she's already been accepted but is deciding which school to go to). If she goes, maybe I'll make a point to visit her and hear some great talks. :)