Friday, April 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 10)


For more Quick Takes, head over to Jen's blog! I'm so happy she and her baby are doing better and are back with us for her link-up. :)

--- 1 ---
Have all of you seen the new tumblr that iuseNFP and 1Flesh have come up with?  It's called "What Should We Call NFP" and is basically a spin off of the famous "What Should We Call Me" tumblr...except this entire blog is about NFP and the clips are things only NFP users will probably understand and laugh it. Personally, I think it's hilarious and recommend you all check it out for a good chuckle. Here's a little preview:

When my friend keeps talking about the rhythm method:

Thank you, Katie, for introducing me to this site on your blog this week!

--- 2 ---
Did you happen to read Simcha Fisher's piece entitled, "So Long, and Thanks for all the Intersex Fish"? If you haven't, you should. She writes about the irony of people who love and promote "going green" and purchasing organic foods throwing a fit when the CEO of Eden Foods made it clear he doesn't want to pay for his employees' water-polluting, cancer-causing contraceptives.

--- 3 ---
Continuing the conversation about Eden Foods: do you support their stance and agree that employers should not be told by the government that they have to pay for their employees to have coverage that violates the very nature of their business, organization, or deeply held beliefs? Then help show some support for Michael Potter, the CEO of Eden Foods by signing this quick letter of support (thank you, Leila, for posting this last week). He has been receiving a lot of angry letters, so let's help encourage him to keep on fighting the good fight.

--- 4 ---
One last thing about Eden Foods.... Want to support them by buying their products?! Leila also shared this nifty store locator on her blog last week; after typing in your zip code it will show you which stores in your area carry these products. I was not at all surprised to discover there are about 20 places in Ann Arbor to purchase Eden Foods products - although I did chuckle and think to myself, "of course," when I went to their website and learned that Eden Foods was actually founded here. :)

--- 5 ---
In other news, I substituted a couple of times in pre-school (and helped out a bit in kindergarten) this week. Considering I got multiple hugs from a little girl who doesn't speak English, hand holds from a very shy little girl and a rambunctious boy who could easily be labeled a "troublemaker," and a colored picture given to me as a gift from a four year old, I'd say it was a good time. These kids are CUTE.

--- 6 ---
What's arguably the most awkward question I've been asked since I became pregnant? Surprisingly, it isn't any of the questions the 4 and 5-year old students asked me this week (How did your baby get in your tummy? How does the doctor get it out?). Instead, the winner is: "Are you having a baby shower?"

Call me old fashioned, but last time I checked, as the expectant mother I am not in control of whether or not someone throws us a baby shower - nor do I think it's my responsibility (or appropriate) to plan myself a party. So how am I supposed to know if anyone will throw me a baby shower when everybody starts asking?! I suppose I could have answered all those people with, "Why? Are you offering to throw me one?"  But that would have made it all a little more uncomfortable.

Instead, my mom has come to the rescue and saved me from all of this awkwardness by offering to host a shower back in Indiana (thank you, Mom! And happy early birthday!!!). I really don't need a big party or put much of an emphasis on receiving gifts (although that's really generous of people), but I'm really, really excited to see some of my friends and actually get to celebrate this joyous time with people I love! Plus, the icing on the cake is that I now have an answer whenever people innocently and unknowingly ask me that most awkward of questions (the price I pay for being the first out of my friends to have a baby).

--- 7 ---
Next week I'm scheduled to have one of my wisdom teeth pulled. Really I need all 4 out because there is zero space for them in my tiny mouth, but only one of them is currently exposed and at a bad angle/considered "urgent" so for now (because I'm pregnant and dentists and oral surgeons are apparently terrified of pregnant patients) it's the only one coming out. This is because the oral surgeon can use localized numbing agents for my one tooth and not put me under general anesthesia during my pregnancy (which would probably be necessary for me to survive the other 3 coming out). So what am I trying to say here?

Basically for the first time in my life I'm going to be prescribed some heavy duty meds (don't worry, my OB/GYN cleared what is safe with the oral surgeon) and starting next Wednesday afternoon I'm probably going to be loopy. There may or may not be some quick takes next week, but if there are - please consider yourselves warned. I'm going to be a hot mess. Please pray for me, my baby boy in utero, and my husband (since he will be the one dealing with me in the aftermath)!


  1. I think that's awesome of Eden Foods; thanks for sharing that! Personally, I don't think the government needs its hands in every independent business, and each should be free to offer the coverage they choose (though I'd of course prefer that they don't offer contraceptive coverage), especially for matters of conscience. I'll say a prayer for your surgery--when I got my wisdom teeth out a while back, Chick-Fil-A milkshakes were the best!

    1. Amen!!! Thank you for the prayers and the milkshake advice! I can already tell that I'm going to be scouring Pinterest for smoothie recipes all weekend.

  2. Loved that tumblr too! I liked "no touching" the best (Arrested Development fans here). And Simcha's article was great too--thanks for the store locator. Turns out the natural foods store near us has Eden and I've been meaning to go there anyway. Good to know that it's awkward to ask about showers. I don't think I ever have, but now I know. I don't think I would either because like you said, it's not the mother's job to throw a shower.

    Good luck with your wisdom tooth! I'm cutting one right now and have been miserable all week. I'm a super late bloomer when it comes to wisdom teeth so we haven't decided yet if I'm going to need them out (and I only have 3 anyway) but I feel super empathetic for my nephew this week :-)

    1. I loved the "no touching" one, too, haha!

      I don't know if I ever would have previously thought to ask a mother about her own shower, but now that I'm experiencing it I feel pretty strongly that it's a no-no. Most women might not even experience people asking her this, but I think because I'm the first out of my friends to have a baby they are simply unaware that it's a weird thing to ask the mom. I think a much better thing is to ask if anyone has OFFERED to throw a shower yet - and then be prepared to offer yourself if you're in a position to do so.

      I'm also a really late bloomer with teeth! What a random thing to have in common, lol. Have a great weekend!

  3. I was impressed by Eden Food's responses, turning the situation back on the government stating that they were not in the bedroom's of their employees, but the government was.

    1. Yes!!! That was one of my very favorite things to read. :)

  4. Loved your #2...if people really wanted to 'go green' all the way, i think it would just make sense to go green in the bedroom too.
    I have never heard of Eden Foods, but signed the letter...I've heard a lot about the rage of eating organic, and to be honest I don't know much about it. My impression is that it is expensive food, but probably better quality.

    Yikes on the wisdom teeth!! I never had to have mine out because as my dentist says (who happens to be my best friend) "Patty, you've got a big enough mouth!" Lol.

    People are actually asking you if someone is throwing you a shower?? weird. I would have guessed random strangers coming up and rubbing your belly.

    1. I've looked into different organic foods and I tend to find that it doesn't end up being much healthier - but the fact that no chemicals or possible pollutants are used in growing such foods is (I think) the part that is so attractive to people. It's not necessarily about being "healthier" but treating our earth in a better way. At least that's what I've understood from what I've seen.

      How do other people not see that asking the expectant mother about having a baby shower is awkward or weird? I don't get it, either! I was actually worried about the whole "strangers rubbing my belly" thing and it hasn't happened once! I've only had maybe 2 people do that and I know them so it wasn't that awkward. Hopefully it continues on this way as I get bigger....