Friday, April 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 8)


Because Jen isn't up for hosting her usual link up (for very good reason - prayers for her!!!), head over to visit Grace at Camp Patton for more Quick Takes today.

--- 1 ---
Remember how we finally bought a desk? Well, it pretty much transformed our entire apartment! We now use our bonus "nook" room like a real office...with books, a desk, and office supplies. Imagine that. I no longer avoid this room because it's actually functional...and we finally hung our papal wedding blessing and some icons on the walls we painted months ago so it really feels like we live here. Better late than never!

No more wall of random boxes/storage!
--- 2 ---
As of this week I am officially a substitute teacher for our parish school. :) I have never worked as a substitute teacher before, but I have a feeling this will be a good challenge, a positive way to give back to our parish, and a fun way to get more connected to the community.

--- 3 ---
The school was thrilled that I would be willing to help out with any age groups - but especially pre-school. They were so thrilled, in fact, that the secretary led me directly to one of the pre-school teachers and invited me inside the classroom to meet some of the children and get a feel for their class. I pretty much played with 3 and 4 year old children for 30 minutes and was proudly shown off as one little boy's new friend and introduced to his grandmother when she came to pick him up.

--- 4 ---
When I was briefly introduced to the 5 year old pre-school students one girl asked if I was wearing a wig. I had no idea why she thought that, but her teacher laughed and pointed out that just because I have longer hair than her or the other teacher (who have very short haircuts) that didn't mean it was a wig. I can only imagine the funny anecdotes I will soon experience as I get more involved.

--- 5 ---
Get ready for some YouTube videos. For some reason Blogger is failing to properly search for & locate the video I'd like to insert instead I'll simply link it here. The man in the video articulates well his position against gay "marriage" even though he, himself, is gay. He argues for the child's right to have a mother and father and explains how marriage cannot simply be an "institution of love." I think this video can be eye-opening for anyone who supports traditional marriage...and perhaps even for those who do not. He doesn't approach his stance from a religious perspective, but from one of intellect, reason, and love for the child and family. This is, realistically, how I think we need to be having these conversations with others because it in no way presupposes that everyone needs to have the same religious or moral beliefs to be on the same page on this issue. Because those of us that are Catholic (hopefully) know that we don't simply oppose a redefinition of marriage for religious reasons...but because of Truth, natural law, and the common good.

--- 6 ---
This video shows 3 minutes of a baby laughing. An Asian baby, might I add. ;) Why am I posting this? I think a better question is why not?

--- 7 ---
If you thought that last video was joyful, wait until you see this: it's a video that depicts the first moments the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist (our very own Ann Arbor Dominicans who I adore!) heard about Pope Francis.

Happy Friday!


  1. That nook! So cozy, and I love the color you picked! It looks so nicely decorated that I'd actually love to see a little apartment tour post sometime =) Have a good weekend, Steph!

  2. How fun to be helping at the parish school! I was a preschool aid in college at my home parish, so interesting and fun! Kids say the funniest things:)

    Both those video's are adorable, how you can you not smile seeing a laughing baby and cute nuns excited about a new Pope?? :)