Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lactation Cookie Discount Offer!

Oatmeal chocolate chip - yum!

Remember those delicious-looking lactation cookies I mentioned before? Well, normally you would have to spend $16 plus shipping to get 2 dozen of these bad boys, but because I happened to mention them on my blog the Etsy shop owner, Vicki, has contacted me and generously offered my readers a discount!

All you have to do is email Vicki directly at and mention my blog - and you can get 2 dozen cookies for only $12 (+shipping)! Twenty four cookies that will enhance your milk supply for only $12? That sounds like a pretty sweet (pun intended) deal to me.

So if you are the friend or family member of an expectant mama who plans to breastfeed (or if you're the one expecting!), consider purchasing these cookies as a thoughtful gift. I don't believe there is an expiration date on this offer, so if you (or your loved one) aren't due quite yet just tuck this away in your memory bank for future use. Thanks, Vicki!

"Babies are always more trouble than you thought - and more wonderful."
-Charles Osgood

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