Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Watching My Husband Become a Daddy


Thinking about my husband taking on his new role of being a father makes me smile uncontrollably. Obviously I can anticipate what kind of parent I might be, but the journey of discovering and witnessing my husband's emerging personality as a parent never ceases to amaze me. I'm sure this journey of parenthood is one that will cause our parenting styles and personalities to evolve constantly, but right now as we prepare to welcome our first child into the world it makes me giddy just to think about how Michael will be with our son (and any other future children) someday.

Last night a situation occurred that helped me clearly envision exactly what kind of father my wonderful husband will be...and I can't get it out of my head (or stop smiling about it).

We were sitting on the couch discussing our baby's development in utero when I excitedly asked Michael to go get a flashlight. Our son can now distinguish our voices, hear loud sounds, and even detect and react to some levels of light/brightness. We know firsthand that he has been responding to sounds (i.e. when Michael sneezed loudly twice in a row the other night the baby immediately started rapidly wiggling around after each one), but we hadn't tested anything out with lights yet.

One of my pregnancy books had suggested (for fun) shining a flashlight on my belly and watching the baby react/move towards it. I was excited to do this and began shining the light in different spots, watching in amazement as the baby clearly pushed on me where the light was. Michael, on the other hand, didn't seem excited at all. In fact, he seemed hesitant about me doing this and kept telling me things like, "okay, stop - you're probably bothering him" or "it's like you're teasing him." 

Wow. I didn't think this light activity was a big deal whatsoever (especially since I knew the baby was already awake and kicking about before we did this) but my adorable husband was clearly concerned with our son's well-being and didn't like the thought of us bothering the little guy when he is in such a vulnerable state in the womb. I turned off the flashlight but have yet to switch off thoughts about how Michael's reaction will correspond to our future as parents...which means I can't stop smiling about it!

My husband on our Mackinac Island trip

The entire flashlight ordeal helped me to better envision Michael - not just myself - protecting and caring for our little baby. Because of this I'm over the moon thinking about how much fun it will be meeting our baby and coming to know my husband in a new way when he is a father. It helped remind me that not only am I about to experience the immense joy of becoming a mother and taking care of our baby, but that I also have so much to look forward to within my relationship with Michael. I cannot wait to see more fully how he will be as a new daddy and thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful man to have and raise children with! I am truly blessed.

"Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand."
-Blessed Mother Teresa

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