Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wisdom (of the Oral Variety)


I guess you could say that "wisdom" has been on my mind lately - although perhaps not always in the most "holy" sense of the word. That's because I have oral surgery scheduled this afternoon to remove one of my wisdom teeth (the other 3 will need to come out sometime after I have the baby but are not considered urgent enough to deal with during pregnancy). So, as I said, I've thought a lot about "wisdom" lately but not entirely in a religious or spiritual sense of the word. However, I thank God because I think He has graced me with just enough of this highest gift of the Holy Spirit to help me (hopefully) plan accordingly for this procedure and entrust everything else into His care.

A glimpse into our smoothie (and smoothie
ingredient) stocked  refrigerator
Everyone I've known to get their wisdom teeth removed has usually been excited because it has essentially justified their bingeing on ice cream, milkshakes, popsicles, or other delicious, frozen treats for a few days. And while I love me some ice cream (trust me - it's the only food I can seemingly always make room for after a meal that leaves me completely full), I've been more than a little paranoid about making sure I still receive enough calories and nutrition for the sake of our 25-week-old baby in utero. I've been constantly thinking about this and planning for it for the last couple of weeks (talk about taking on the role of "mother" already! I wouldn't care about over half of the things I planned for if I weren't pregnant right now). Because I'm naturally a "planner" I feel that it's truly been a blessing from God that I've been given enough time and resources to help me prepare in a way that makes my (self-diagnosed) obsessive compulsive personality feel completely at ease heading into this surgery.

Delicious chicken chili Michael will be eating
while I drink smoothies and try eating soup,
oatmeal, applesauce, and other soft goodies
Throughout the last week I've furiously made lists and checked everything off, trying to ensure that anything important or part of our daily living routine is taken care of or under control before I get put on painkillers, possibly become loopy, and can't drive anywhere for awhile. Perhaps I've gone a little overboard...but nonetheless we are stocked on food (for Michael and a bunch of liquids/soft foods for myself), the laundry is freshly done, the apartment has been deep-cleaned and vacuumed, upcoming bills have been paid in advance, and several healthy smoothies are now lining the fridge just waiting to be consumed. I even just started cooking our favorite chicken chili recipe in the Crockpot so all Michael has to do is turn it off when he gets home and enjoy having something to eat for the next few days without having to cook anything himself (that's newlywed love right there - if this were later on in our marriage I imagine I'd [maybe] feel okay leaving him to grocery shop and cook all his food by himself because the fact is that he is more than capable of doing so. But right now, because I'm blessed with more free time than he is, I just want to make sure I do what I can to make these next few days easier for the both of us).

When I put all of this preparation I've done in writing it starts to make me sound more than a little obsessive, uptight, and/or crazy. In fact, it has led me to some interesting reflections about prudence, wisdom, and trusting in the Lord which perhaps I will put in writing sometime after my recovery. For right now, though, I simply thank God for all of the time He blessed me with to do the preparations necessary for me to just...relax! At this point I could do nothing but eat soft foods and sleep for the next week and I know and trust that it would be completely fine. Everything else is taken care of so all I need to do now is focus on taking care of myself and this precious, growing baby within me.

So bring on the oral surgery! Clearly I've done whatever I can think of to prepare so I leave everything else in God's hands. I trust that everything will be completely fine and even if I hit some bumps in the road I couldn't have foreseen, that's fine. I have my husband and the Lord to lean back on. I am truly blessed. :)

"Listen to counsel and accept discipline,
That you may be wise the rest of your days."
Proverbs 19:20

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  1. can you send me the recipe for that chicken chili?!