Friday, June 28, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 19)


--- 1 ---
If you read virtually any of the other blogs I do, you probably already know about Cari's fundraiser for Dwija. If you somehow missed the memo, please click on the link and get caught up! Every cent and every prayer can help as Dwija faces some serious complications with her pregnancy. Please consider offering up what you can.

--- 2 ---
The generosity that people from all over the world have shown in lifting up Dwija in her time of need makes me smile. Times like this make me so thankful for the blogging world and social media! Sometimes it really unites people in the best of ways. If only the interwebs were always such a place of generosity, compassion, and peace. However, such harmony and understanding is not always the norm. Sometimes I am downright frustrated/annoyed with social media and how it seems to pit people against one another as people go publicly campaigning for something or other (yes, I'm staring at you, Facebook). I think I'll just let Kendra take it away from here. She explains pretty well why I find this image to be confusing and troubling and why I won't be making this image my profile picture any time soon either.

--- 3 ---
So sometimes the internet is great, sometimes it sucks, but here is one technology that I think is just great: Ereaders! I'm not going to lie, I haven't always been a fan. I definitely fall into the camp of people who much prefer the look, feel, and smell of a real book - but with a baby on the way I've become more realistic about all of this. Several months ago Michael and I heavily contemplated purchasing some kind of reader or tablet but decided against it - and we were right that we wouldn't have gotten enough use out of it to justify purchasing one at the time. Then last week I read Jenna's review of the Kindle Paperwhite and it got me thinking about it again.

I had been racking my brain for something to do when the baby arrives and I soon spend a lot of time nursing. Some people say you should pick up a hobby, but considering we don't have cable (nor do I like watching much TV anyway) and all of my hobbies require the use of more than one limb I was struggling. The only thing I could imagine myself being happy doing as I breastfeed is reading. And Jenna's review made it all so crystal clear!

Long story short we did a bunch of research and decided the Kindle Paperwhite was, after all, the perfect choice for what I wanted. We bought one two nights ago and I am already in love! This actually makes me excited to spend hours and hours sitting and feeding my baby (although I'm pretty sure in the early days I'll be staring in amazement and talking to him so I won't get much reading done). But eventually it's going to be the one-handed, great-in-all-lighting-Godsend I was searching for.

--- 4 --- 
Speaking of the baby coming - we are so close! 33 weeks down, 7 (quite possibly less!) to go! I am getting excited excited excited.

--- 5 ---
Last night we attended a class on breastfeeding and it made me feel much more prepared. Beforehand Michael kept asking me how on earth a class on breastfeeding could last 2 whole hours - which made me worry he was going to be incredibly bored. But surprisingly neither of us were! We both agreed that the time flew by and even though about 98% of it was geared towards me, it was still really good for us both to be there.

--- 6 --- 
Saturday morning we have our Childbirth Education class which is the biggie I've been dying to take for a long time. The actual labor part is what I'm still trying to wrap my head around and make informed decisions about. I'll feel so much more prepared once it's laid out for us and we can figure out what birthing method and/or techniques we want to follow.

--- 7 ---
All in all, I guess this has been a week full of baby preparations and it's hard for me to have much else on my brain at the moment. So for your enjoyment, I'll leave you with this link to an entire Pinterest board of Asian and half-Asian babies that I happened to stumble upon. Whoever created this board is a woman after my own heart and made my life so much easier by compiling all these photos in one place. Not that I've been googling Asian babies for the past few years or anything...(if you read that link you know that's a lie). At least I can justify it now by saying that I am soon going to have my very own half-Asian baby! God is funny (and awesome!) like that sometimes.

Have a good weekend! Don't forget to head over to Jen's for some more Quick Takes!


  1. Love that you got a Kindle! Ours (and the Kindle app on my iPod Touch) came in sooo handy when we were living overseas and not wanting to purchase books. Because I was always taking public transit and we traveled so much I read all. the. time. But, I hate the idea of buying books (I love the library) so I mostly bought the free or really cheap books on Amazon. This means mostly chick lit, but there is a good amount of Christian chick lit. Not all is great literature, but I can definitely make some recommendations for you if you're interested. Shoot me an e-mail, or check out the list under the "books" tab on my blog. There are reviews of some and * next to the better ones. (All in 2012)

    1. The whole moving around a lot thing also made us want to invest in a Kindle instead of buying more and more physical books (until we settle and get a house in like 5 or 6 years anyway). I'll definitely check out the list on your blog! I am all about the free book downloads - and I was pleasantly surprised to realize how many classics are available for free! I downloaded about 25 yesterday and am excited to get started.