Sunday, January 5, 2014

Gabriel: 5 Months


Gabriel is 5 months old. What? Tomorrow he is also officially 22 weeks old. Again - what? To a first time mom that sounds so...old! In reality, though, I know he is so very young still. :)

Florida baby in January
Making my point further is the fact that my husband just walked past, saw me typing a blog entry and said, "Another blog?" I told him that I was writing Gabriel's 5-month update. Michael then said to Gabriel, "Ooh! You're an old baby now! Not a new baby anymore!" Plus...this picture:

Without further ado, here are his 5-month updates!


Nap Time
  • He loves to be bounced bounced bounced to sleep during the day. Aiding in this nap time routine, however, is the fact that in the past month he became a total thumb sucker. He has disliked/rejected pacifiers his entire life (except for a few days after his birth) and still won't suck on them when given the chance...but his thumb - now that's a different story! As long as I cradle him in a position that doesn't keep him from finding his thumb I am able to put him down for naps much sooner than I could last month.
  • His naps seem to be getting shorter and shorter...though he still takes 3-5 a day (usually 3 during the day and 1-2 in the evening).

Bed Time
  • Hmm...not too much has changed here, either! Because he is teething he typically wakes up 2-3 times a night...even if we give him baby Tylenol, this Ora Jel, or both before he goes to sleep. As with all things baby-related, I know this is temporary. Whenever he starts sleeping longer again, though, I will not complain.

Bath Time
  • The days of bath toys don't feel too far off anymore - mainly because his habit of flailing/bouncing his arms up and down repeatedly is starting to resemble some playful splashing. Adorable.

Play Time
  • Most of his play time looks the same as last month - except that he is always improving his hand-eye coordination and grasping skills.
  • "Oh Mr. Sun" is still his favorite play-time song...although lately he has been giggling a lot at "The Wheels on the Bus."
  • In general he giggles more and more. :)

  • This month he has learned how to control his arms so much better - and he is constantly bouncing them up and down when he gets excited. Before he would simply kick his legs excitedly...but now it's an arm-leg combo that makes him look almost like a little bird trying to flap those wings. It's textbook cuteness at its finest.
  • He outgrew the last of any 3 month clothing and is wearing 3-6 month gear full-time...except for the fact that this week he suddenly outgrew all his 3-6 month sleep 'n plays! He now sports 3-6 month clothing by day and 6-9 month sleep 'n plays at night. He is clearly getting taller!
  • He weighs 14-something pounds.
  • His hair is really growing in!
  • His eyes are starting to look more we are still waiting to see if they turn brown or not.
  • Still teething....
"People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one."
-Leo J. Burke


  1. Love him!!! Baby giggles are simply the best, aren't they? Tony was (is) a thumb sucker, too. It's just so sweet...and at 3, I'm having a hard time correcting it, because I still find it absolutely precious.

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