Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Blog Might Seem Empty but My Heart is Full


Have you ever fallen off the blogging bandwagon and struggled to climb back on? That's me...right now. I took a huge chunk of time off for many reasons and I'm finding it really difficult to jump back in. I over-analyze everything I write, I stress out about the fact that there are SO many occasions surrounding the holidays that I have yet to document (call me OCD, but I like my blog - and everything for that matter - in chronological order), and I really want to redesign my entire blog (title and all!) but feel just a tad bit lost as to where to begin.

So what's my point? It's really difficult for me to blog right now for a lot of different reasons. The longer I wait to write the more difficult it becomes...because my ideas continue piling up higher and higher and I simply don't know where to find the time for it all. So I'm going to start small. Today I'm simply sharing this sequence of photos from my morning with Gabriel. I just love him so. I think these photos do well to demonstrate what I'm doing with my time when I'm not blogging.

Whenever I start to feel overwhelmed about not having my blog exactly the way I want it (when I want it) I simply look at photos like these. Or better yet, I look at Gabriel sitting right in front of me in his Bumbo, on his play mat, in his swing, or in my arms (wherever he happens to be at the time)...and oh. All is well in the world. 

After all, blogging is not my life. It's simply a means to help document my life. If I'm not writing it, I'm living it. And for all the moments I have recorded on this blog (in writing or through photos) there are a hundred more I couldn't possibly capture anywhere save my heart...which is a pretty good place to record them after all.

Now you'll have to excuse me as I go snuggle this little boy out of his 'I just woke up and have no idea what is going on' face to his 'Ah-ha! I see Mommy and I'm really happy to have taken a good nap!' face. I'm sure some of you other moms out there know exactly what I mean.

Happy random Thursday from Gabriel and me to you!

“Sometimes,' said Pooh, 'the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” 
-A.A. Milne


  1. Oh goodness--like so many other things you write all the time, ditto! I'm also trying to figure out where to start and bothered by all of the undocumented things that have happened. But I am also a person who tries to take it easy on myself when it comes to standards no is holding me to but me. Good luck to you!

    1. Exactly! I am the only one holding myself to such standards haha. I was fine taking time off but the return feels daunting! Good luck to you, too!

  2. Just found your Blog by accident. Odly enough, I Blogged a few days ago on the same subject "Why Blog?" The reason is to spread the Good News of our Faith.

    God bless.

  3. 1. Glad to see you back, Stephanie-you've been missed!
    2. I completely understand the blogging hiatus. I took a looooooong break from blogging after Tony was born, and it took me a while to get back to the swing of things. Don't stress it, and definitely don't over-analyze.
    3. Gabriel is absolute perfection!! I can't get enough of that sweet little face! <3

    1. Thanks, Marisa! It's always encouraging to know that other moms have taken long breaks, too. I so appreciate your thoughtful comments!

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