Wednesday, April 16, 2014

First Sunday: Art, Chinatown, & the Archbishop


Ever since we moved here we've had our eyes set on checking out one of the largest art museums in the nation. We patiently waited for the first Sunday of the month (aka "pay as you wish" day!) to coincide with the time frame in which we could view the special Treasures from Korea exhibit - so on April 6th we finally made it!

A few weeks ago we learned that the Sunday evening Mass at the Cathedral is celebrated by Archbishop Chaput, which fit beautifully with our plans to spend a Sunday at the art museum. We drove into the city, paid $1 in museum admission, spent the afternoon basking in the glory of some serious artistic beauty, took an outdoor stroll, ate an early dinner in Chinatown, then concluded everything with Jesus and our wonderful Archbishop at the Cathedral.

SO.MUCH.ART.  Baby.need.nap!

After Mass we were able to shake hands with our bishop and he gave our son a blessing. He also told us that Gabriel was a beautiful let the record show that Gabriel was blessed and complimented by a man I'm prettyyyy sure will become a Saint someday. ;) I know he is a normal person just like you and me, but I have a lot of respect for Archbishop Chaput and am beyond pumped that we now live in his you'll have to excuse my Catholic fan girl moment.

Spring has finally sprung!

Anyway, it was a gorgeous day all around. Great art, lovely springtime weather, delicious food, and a powerful Mass (boy, have we missed that incense!). I'm thinking that perhaps we should make this into a "first Sunday of the month" tradition because A) the art museum is huge and we still have a lot to see, B) I like to take advantage of basically free admission at museums, and C) I loved being able to attend Mass at the Cathedral with the Archbishop. Plus, dinner in Chinatown is probably the perfect icing on the cake to convince my husband that this is a good plan. ;) And the possibility of getting quality taro milk tea at least once a month is making my mouth water already. Okay, it's official. As long as Michael agrees, you can find us at the art museum, in Chinatown, and at the Cathedral in Philly on the first Sunday of each month. Maybe I will see you there!

"The highest art is always the most religious, and the greatest artist is always a devout person."
-Abraham Lincoln

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