Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Five Favorites (Vol. 4): For the 8-Month Old Baby


This weekend we are flying to St. Louis for a wedding (SO EXCITED!), which means I've been busy preparing all week long. Before you go on thinking I'm just the best, most organized traveler in the whole wide world, let me point out that the majority of this is due to having a baby yet wanting to make sure I get to do what I want to look and feel nice for the fancy occasion (because I will get my fingernails painted, but only if I can spare the time once Gabriel is in bed tomorrow night - which means all the other preparations and packing needs to be done!). Maybe that all sounds a little bit vain, but hey, it forces me to do everything else under the sun for my family first so I can get some "me" pampering it works for us.

Where was I going with this? Ah, yes. I have a lot to do! So let's just do some quick 5 Faves and call it good. Make sure you head over to Hallie's and check out everyone else's fabulous 5 Favorites of the week!

For some reason all of my "favorite" posts tend to revolve around baby gear. Gabriel is 8.5 (scratch that...almost 9!) months old and these have been some of my favorite things all month long (in no particular order):

--- 1 --- 
Stackable rings

Gabriel doesn't actually stack these yet, but ever since we got them (sometime around age 7 months?) he has been in love. He has lots of fun taking them off of the stand and once took a nap while holding onto the green ring the entire time because he hates to let them go (true story).

--- 2 ---
Baby Mum Mums

These have been our saving grace. Seriously. Gabriel has never taken a bottle and still won't (we try - oh, we try) take any kind of cup. He only likes oatmeal (but not that often) and has yet to take much of a liking to most soft solids. BUT he so wants to feed himself and he is teething (without any teeth yet) which makes these a perfect little snack until we can get him taking some more fruits and veggies. They dissolve easily so your baby doesn't need teeth. Your baby can easily hold onto it and feed himself. Plus, it feels good on those teething gums. Bonus: they have several flavors which is how we finally found one food that Gabriel will eat. Apples for the win! Double bonus (is that a thing?): they keep him quiet during church. :) They're very low in calories so they won't replace a meal, but they give him something to chew on and be fascinated by whenever he is experiencing teething pain and we are hoping he'll quiet down in public.

--- 3 ---
This one is self-explanatory, right? Somewhere around 6 months I think I began changing Gabriel's diaper only once a night. Somewhere in month 7 I stopped changing his diaper at night all-together (mainly because he would be teething and screaming his head off while waiting for me to be done changing him which is zero fun...but also because I want him used to it as he sleeps longer and longer at night). Anyway, no nighttime diaper changes can lead to baby's first diaper rash. Cue Desitin.

--- 4 ---
Umbrella Stroller

That's the exact stroller we have and I love it so far (Cosco Umbria in ZigZag). We didn't want a fancy-schmancy umbrella stroller when you can find really affordable ones (and I'm optimistic about the fact that our "main" stroller I want to put money into will need to hold two babies within the next couple years). However, I wanted one with a basket which the cheapest of the cheap don't ever have (because why do I want to carry a diaper bag if I can put it in my stroller? I don't). Anyway, this one is only $40, is lightweight, collapses easily (and is very easy to open with one hand), has a basket, and gets the job done. I will say that I wouldn't recommend it if your baby can't really sit on his own yet because there's no shoulder harness - just the waist - which is perfectly fine for Gabriel. We didn't buy an umbrella stroller until this month because before we managed with our stroller frame that holds the car seat (which is still great sometimes - but he really wants to look around now) and/or babywearing.

--- 5 ---

I don't subscribe to any magazines right now but that doesn't stop random magazines from giving us free issues in the hopes that we'll give them money for more. Magazines are perfect for babies this age - because they tend to love the feel of them, the bright pictures (especially of faces!), and have fun learning to turn the pages. I keep old magazines on a shelf Gabriel can reach just for this purpose. He has so much fun crinkling them, tearing pages, etc. And...they're free. Win win win.

That's all I've got, folks. On to more laundry!


  1. The Mum Mums reminded me-- my favorite "bargain" baby food are Puffed Rice or Wheat... you know the tasteless cereal kind. The bag lasts forever and the babies love them!!

  2. Your big sis never took a bottle either - finally got her drinking out of a cup around 9 months. That's when I finally, finally had a babysitter!