Friday, May 23, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 26)


Happy Friday, friends. Make sure you head over to see Jen at Conversion Diary for more Friday quick take fun!

--- 1 ---
I had been trying to finish Jen's book, Something Other Than God, ever since it arrived on my Kindle. Thanks to our decision to "sleep train" our 9.5 month old son this week, I certainly found the time! In fact, I'm contemplating writing a review on Amazon because this was the perfect book for sleep training my son. I needed something I was interested in to help me wake up in the middle of the night and be coherent enough to follow the sleep training schedule. But, I needed something that would not hurt my brain to read at 3am. That was this book. Such an easy, well-written, refreshing, and fascinating read! If I weren't the mother of a child going through lots of baby transitions I'm sure I would have finished it in only a day or two. If by some crazy chance any of you haven't heard of her book and read it yet, YOU SHOULD. I mean, check out this review someone left on Amazon:

--- 2 ---
Speaking of "sleep training," we've basically been following Dr. Ferber's Progressive-Waiting Method. Most of you already know what that is...but have you read this blogger's explanation and review?! HILARIOUS. Her blog post about it was very helpful, not only because she listed out the 7 day program (listing the wait times for each night), but because she knows how to properly convey what you should expect. Check it out:

First, take a couple shots of the hardest liquor you can find – the kind that’ll put some hair on your chest. Spam your neighbors with lengthy letters of apology (include bribe money). Purchase NRA-approved ear muffs for yourself and possibly your neighbors. Then crumple up into fetal position holding onto that bottle of liquor and cry like your baby.
You’re going to hate yourself. You’re going to think you’re an awful, cruel, heartless parent. You’re going to cry Uncle, want to give up after the first 30 minutes, and make up excuses as to why this was a terrible decision. As a Sleep Training Survivor (and there really should be some fancy medal parents can wear after going through this), I know that it’s the hardest thing to hear your adorable, helpless flesh and blood crying … in their crib… all alone. It blows. But… and there’s a big BUT. The rewards are so worth it.
I appreciate moms that keep it real. Fortunately for me, I had Jen's book to get lost in so I could better ignore my baby's screams in between check times. :)

--- 3 ---
Final mention of sleep training: last night was Night 3 and...Gabriel never woke up. From 9pm-8am he did not make a peep. I'm a little confused about this. Should I rejoice?! Or should I lament the fact that because he never woke up, I didn't get the chance to continue teaching him to soothe himself back to sleep? On Nights 1 and 2 he woke up once (I can't imagine doing this with a much younger baby that still wakes 3-4 times) and took about 45 minutes to fall back asleep. I was looking forward to tracking his progress and seeing how it takes him less time each night with me checking in on him less frequently, but Night 3 threw it all off. Such conflicting emotions! Am I supposed to be happy or what?! I suppose I should stop over-thinking it and just say "thank you" for the first uninterrupted night's sleep in...way too long to count. Here's to hoping he just sleeps like this every night from here on out.

--- 4 ---
Please pray for my husband's family. More specifically, please pray for the repose of his grandmother's soul (she passed away early Monday morning) and especially for his mother.

--- 5 ---
Originally we had plans to visit Michael's family for Memorial Day Weekend, but obviously all of that changed due to our last-minute visit last weekend and our plans to go again next weekend for the wake and funeral. As we tried to figure out what we should do this weekend, I received an email inviting us to a cookout on Sunday. Considering the invite said to "bring roommates/friends/people with babies" I am really excited for this get together! I'm always on the lookout for opportunities to meet new mom friends. More importantly, though, please pray for all of those men and women of the US Armed Forces who lost their lives serving and protecting our nation. God bless them.

--- 6 ---
Not too long ago, some of our new friends here found out that I am (was?) a dancer. As I explained all the types of dancing I have done, I learned that some of them don't know what "contemporary dance" looks like. In an attempt to give them a visual, I went online and found quite the satire (seen below). So very funny. It's funny because it's eerily true. I shared this video with one of our friends - but made sure to follow it up with a legitimate video of a real contemporary dance performance. If you're curious, check them out:

Satirical video explaining contemporary dance:

"Real" video example of contemporary dance:

--- 7 ---
Perhaps some of you saw this video last year, but...dancing babies. Gangnam style. What more needs to be said? Enjoy. 

Happy Friday and Happy Memorial Day to you all!


  1. Ack! That dance of Robert & Allison is one of my all time favorite So You Think You Can Dance moments! I may have cried at that one. And I am not a crier.

    1. One of the best SYTYCD routines of all time. Hands down!

  2. So many things to comment on - I'll just say that I loved the dancing babies - Gangnam style - guess what I was doing in the family room today? Hahahahaha! You guessed it! Trying to dance - Gangnam style!!!! :)

  3. haha.... thanks for the videos! made my day.
    contemporary dance is HARD. I can do jazz and ballet... but contemporary and hiphop ~ not my forte!

    those babies are CUTE! my babies love gangnam style too. I should videotape them.

    And awesome job with the ferber method. i preach it at work -- but SO HARD TO DO in my own house :( boo...

    also praying for your husband's family +

    1. You dance, too?! That makes me so happy! Contemporary and hip hop are two of very my favorites to do, haha. :) But I think it's because I began with jazz - whereas most people begin with ballet. Hip hop is especially difficult for anyone who does a lot of ballet! I didn't take ballet until I was older. You SHOULD videotape your babies dancing! I'd love to see that.

      The Ferber method can be so hard! We were very fortunate, though. It only took Gabriel 2 nights and he's been sleeping through the night ever since. SO GREAT.

      Thank you for the prayers!!!